edvard_munch-the_screamIt started during my yoga class yesterday afternoon, I should have stopped but my original Bikram yoga teacher was back – I love him and didn’t want to disappoint. So I pushed on, through the heat and the growing pressure in my head.  Then came three in the morning and the pressure was still there. It starts from the forehead and works its way behind your eyes and then slowly and painfully to the base of the skull. Little pointed fingers inflicting pain relentlessly. It is now making its way back  behind my eyes, making it difficult to focus, blind spots and tunnel vision inevitable. I rub my temples, I squint and squeeze pressure points between my fingers, rumoured to help…I don’t like painkillers, but I think I need to crawl slowly to the chemist and beg for relief.

I can deal with a hangover, I can even handle a Monday, but this is something I dread – the beginning of a migraine…


7 thoughts on “Owww

  1. Oh dear, I’m sorry DT! Migraines are the worst! Go get that collection of miracle pills from the chemist (this is no time to be brave!) and go to bed. That’s an order missy.

  2. Redrame I wish I could! I am but a few minutes away from hopeful relief! I just need to put one foot in front of the other, keep my shades on and make it to the pharmacy!

  3. That pressure point between the fingers only works if someone else does if for you – don’t ask me why, but that’s the way it goes. Hope you feel better soon!

  4. shame man…

    My Boyf gets hectic migraines. He cant even see when he gets them. He takes very strong pills and then just needs a dark room and a nice wet cloth over his face.

    I, thankfully , dont think ive ever had a migraine.

  5. I get pretty bad headaches sometimes, but nothing on this level – usually I wake up with a tingle and it morphs into a full-blown brain thud for a few (hellish) hours then fades by nighttime.

    Hope you feel better soon chick – and that you have Myprodol in good supply!!

  6. Thanks Louisa – been nagging all the people at work…I think they think I am nuts!

    Brazen you are lucky, they can be very dehabilitating!

    Rox – better than yesterday, but it is still there, this horrible dead pain. 😦

    Po – yup I rested as much as possible in this heat!
    Me too 😉 I just wish there weren’t so many bastardised versions of it everywhere!

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