I realise there is much talk about the blog awards. It has started me thinking about what a good blog means to me. When I first moved to Cape Town and started a new job, my favourite part of the day was escaping to a bench outside, where I would sit with a coffee and cigarette and read a couple of blog posts I had printed out earlier. Those few moments of being in another world, shifting my focus, really helped me deal with all the chaos around me. There really is nothing like the written word and the effect it can have on you. There is so much good writing out there, so much honesty, integrity, shared hurt and shared joys. Not to mention those posts which bring a smile to your face on the bleakest of all days – priceless! There are definitely many more, but since I was up till all hours of the morning and feeling somewhat groggy, I can only list the few that come to mind!
Close to my heart, to my experience
From Sexy Redframe: Just too hard

The Hysterically Funny
From 2Oceans Vibe: Party in Apartment 3
From Shaun Oakes: The Flying squad are awesome
And who could forget…
From Peas on Toast: Vernon Koekemoer

The Utterly Romantic
From D2: Felt
From Sexy Redframe: Our wedding: reception (Such beautiful words and beautiful pictures – stuff that makes your toes curl!)

Thought provoking
From Untwisted: I, reluctant Freudian
From Champagne Heathen: A Gun to your head is not normal

Hauntingly Atmospheric
a man after my own tastes…
From 302: That Sinatra sure knows how to put on a show

Just cool
From Po – Spindrifting South African Sea Monkey: 5fm rocked my world
From Roxilla: Loving the City Bowl

Just Personally Memorable
From Inside Candy: Dear Future me
From Louisa: The Month of November
From Being Brazen : A Decade of Me


10 thoughts on “words…

  1. I made your list – I feel special. I never thought anyone would find a decade of “ME” memorable. *hugs*

    BTW – Great choices. Alot of those post are fab

  2. Whoohoo! I made you list too. 😀

    I know exactly how you feel about blogs, how strange is it that we end up sharing more with our blog buddies than with most of the day-to-day people we surround ourselves with? I am very grateful for the experience.

  3. This was such a cool idea DT. A celebration of great blog posts. Do you mind if I do a similar one some time?

  4. Oh DT, (oops, used your real name then luckily remembered!) you are such a constant source of little happy blessings in my life. Where did you come from? Oh yes, the internets! Thank you thank you thank you. x

  5. Louisa – you are so right, I often find it is easier to relate to people from reading their blogs! Maybe it is just more honest…

    I would love you to do the same Po! Your 5fm post just really took me back to the good old days, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Pleasure Mr 302.

    Redframe, hehe – The internets is a wonderful place indeed! Thank YOU for telling your marvellous tale. It should really hit the big screen…

  6. You’re so right about the escape and the fact that there’s so much good writing out there. Thanks so much for the mention. You know I love ya, honey! Keep pen to paper and heart on sleeve. x

  7. Hey DT – Thanks so much for the mention! And for liking what I wrote. I agree that there’s so much good writing out there… and also love the escape. Remember to keep pen to paper and heart on sleeve. x

  8. More than a pleasure Candy! (Don’t know what happened there – your comment seemed to get stuck in spam!)

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