Its a jeans day!

What a delightful word:

flibbertigibbet \flib-er-tee-JIB-ut\ noun
: a silly flighty person

I am feeling somewhat like a flibbertigibbet today. It has been a strangely wonderful week, filled with a very colourful cast of characters and the best bit is that it is now Friday!
I am going to do something I have never done before, I am going to participate in something quite wild and I am going to enjoy every minute. It is hard work being single in the city!

Rcaffe on Long Street – I really do love you! The best sandwich I have ever had! Nestled in an olive loaf; rocket, avo, salami and wholegrain mustard. If only I didn’t have to endure experiencing some arb man walking up to me and touching my leg whilst waiting. Honestly I was torn between laughing, crying or tweeting!


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