The night of a thousand dishes

I am really struggling getting into a domestic routine in my new flat. The problem is; when I start cleaning I become hectically pedantic about the whole affair. Everything must be polished and shine. Dust freaks me out and corners I can’t reach freak me out. Being a household of one also poses some weird problems. Like laundry. It takes considerably longer to have enough clothes to shove in the machine and having laundry around just irritates me. Back in the winelands I would do a minimum of three loads a week! Then there is the matter of ironing. I have no idea how to iron – once I even googled it. Now I am faced with the dilemma of only ever needing to iron one thing like every two weeks – needless to say the pile is growing, no point in taking out all the ironing tools for one jacket!
So I am about 80% happy with the state of my flat but I am 110% happy with my flat and so far living alone hasn’t really brought me much loneliness – I only have to step outside to suddenly feel like I am part of a bigger picture.

I am sad today about the need for a jacket – this weekend I have to go clothes shopping! I need new boots, I need new jeans and a I need a new coat – preferably red. Only then, maybe will I accept the end of summer with some grace.

Gorgeous New Plum ad campaign
Gorgeous New Plum ad campaign

10 thoughts on “The night of a thousand dishes

  1. Oh shush I’m on a hiatus!!!! 😉 Actually, I thought I might allow myself a little list of 5 essential items just to get me through the winter? But I don’t even mean boots and coats, I mean stockings and thermals. Blah… Maybe 3 months is shopping-stopped enough? x

  2. Soorrry Redframe! I did actually think about you writing this! Let me put it this way; I am substituting not having a man in my life with retail therapy – so there! Now you can look in your mans eyes with even more love – knowing that he is helping you keep your very worthwhile objective! 😉

  3. I want some nice winter shoes, maybe some kickass ankle boots or something.

    But, I have to say one thing about the flat issue… you need a Debra type. I used to struggle to keep things orderly, and just like you I would then have these surges of upkeep… and then have to do it all over again in a week or so. I can’t iron to save my life, but I do have an inherited steamer thing (which I never use, incidentally, hehe) – but my flat is always pretty much sorted, even when I’ve been working flat out and there’s kitty litter all over the place! And knowing that Debra will be there to restore order really helps.

    Will check if she has any free days, otherwise start asking around – you will never look back!

  4. Actually ironing I can do, it’s the flat cleaning I despise. Which explains why it only gets cleaned once every three months or so – or just as we are about to leave on a weekend a way when for some reason or other, my fiance breaks out into cleaning mode. Is it so that burglars will arrive to a clean house? I really don’t know! 🙂

  5. Rox that sounds like heaven! An order restorer!!

    Po – I just couldn’t…could I?

    Louisa – is there some magic trick to it? I just don’t understand how it is supposed to work?

    I actually get that Craig! “There is nothing more depressing than coming home after a holiday to a dirty home.” Now that is what my Mother used to say. We women, we just have these things wired into us I suppose! 😉

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