The St Paddy’s Day that ended in flames

My determination was steadfast. Despite the fact that the first of my mere two whiskey’s was in fact green, despite the fact that there was a very lifelike Leprechaun dancing gleefully around room, handing out Gold coins and even despite the fact that the music was oddly but rather brilliantly a type of Celtic punk. I was going to stay calm. The lovely mischievous barman then removed his shirt; having seen my fair share of naked men’s chests recently, this didn’t wholly surprise me, but I am guessing that was a good time to leave. There was a moment, at the last destination where I stood on the edge, it was going to go south quickly but luckily I had two very good people who somehow managed to reel me back in and keep my somewhat tarnished angels’ wings in check.Sadly an early night was still far from my reach as I got home, ready to have a final smoke on my balcony only to find the entire city smoking. So I called my ex – habit I guess…I also knew he would be awake.

“The whole mountain is on fire!”
“Oh well…”
“No seriously, like the whole mountain, there is smoke everywhere.”
“We had been having far worse fires in the winelands, they will stop it.”
” No you don’t understand, TABLE MOUNTAIN!”
” It will be fine, go to sleep”

I then called him five minutes later with the latest development.
“People are being evacuated from their homes!”
“Yes we have had the same thing here. How do you know?”
I really wanted to say from Twitter, but somehow it seemed to lack some sort of authority, or maybe made me feel somewhat nerdish…
“I was just online.”
“Okay you will be fine, (bless him) now go to sleep.”

At this point I wasn’t sure if I was dramatic enough, so I called him again. He would definitely thank me in the morning when he tells his friends.

“I can actually SEE the flames – it is the WHOLE mountain” I then coughed for more of a dramatic effect.
“Feeling a tad restless tonight are you?”

I had to admit defeat at this point. Shame I am sure he thought he was rid of my late night drama’s. Must find myself a late sleeper friend…

An Irish toast to ya:

May your glass be ever full
May the roof over your head be always strong
And may you be in heaven an hour
Before the devil knows you’re gone


12 thoughts on “The St Paddy’s Day that ended in flames

  1. I’m the same as blade, missed all the drama. Oh well, seen more than enough fires in my time!

    And thanks for reminding me about those gold coins, I am in dire need of chocolate. 🙂

  2. Well Rox and Blade – you know what they say: ignorance is bliss! 😉 I missed a great deal of beauty sleep with all my curiosity…

    Martin – yes I did! I just wasn’t getting enough of a reaction – what’s a girl to do? 😉 *hanging my head in shame*

  3. Haha, poor night owl you! I can imagine it is crap when you really want to talk to someone in the middle of the night!

  4. am glad you finally joined twitter!

    and you left when the barman took off his shirt?

    to me…that just seems like about the right indicator that one should STAY!

  5. I know ExMi, it seems a bit of a waste – thing is I am trying very hard to behave myself this week! 😉
    I am totally addicted to twitter, it happened quickly!!

  6. No… don’t make me go there… twitter. Still. Resisting. Must. Not. Find. More connectivity. Addictions!!!!!!! Aaaaaargggghhhhh….

  7. It is simple Redframe, you just need to substitute one addiction for the other, that way it stays in check. I have unfortunately not being able to use this common sense and keep piling them on…but that is another story. It is so much fun, it is like a 24 hour conversation.. I will tempt you no longer. I have heard that I am a bad influence a bit too often in my lifetime and I worry about karma! So yes stay away, at least until it becomes impossible to do so…like it was with facebook! Lol!

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