Autumnal colours

Aw shucks CT – you knew I wasn’t ready for winter yet. Isn’t so like you to allow us to test the waters before throwing us in the deep end! Thank you kindly for a beautiful Friday.

You know before I moved here, I really don’t think I thought about the weather so much…

So what is in store for this weekend? Who knows?  I am a pretty much a fly-by-the-seat of my pants kinda girl. There will be a bottle of bubbly opened, that is for dead certain. Somehow I managed to subdue the devil on my shoulder this week, she is somewhat pissed at me and will require some tending to…

Then there is the urgent matter of sourcing the best cheeseburger this town can offer…

Okay I can handle this changing of the season bit, I think I can!


8 thoughts on “Autumnal colours

  1. Pretty woman! (You, and the movie.) I love that line… My best cheeseburger is Royale, predictable but true. If you want to go bundu-bashing out to the suburbs, try Starlite Diner (near Tyger Valley Centre and the Velodrome)… It’s very American, it’s open 24hrs a day, your milkshake comes in a silver shaker, the bacon & cheese fries are to die for… Gotta try it.
    Have a lovely bubbly weekend!
    PS: I was more often than not overtly tipsy while partaking of the Starlite’s cuisine, so this review may be alcoholically skewed!

  2. OOOh That sounds that so very, very good. Cheese fries and a silver shaker. I am so hungry right now!!!
    No worries Redframe – your review is then 100% suitable for the very likely state I will be in should I make it there! Thank you lovely 😉

  3. Starlight cheesburger is the best! After work on a Friday we’d make our way down Edward street and now and then all the way to Starlight. Mind the drunk people there at night, but other than that it’s really nice.

  4. jb rivers cavendish square with a pilsner urquel – is right up there – even if it’s in a mall.

    and i think you’d be able to smoke or smerk in a small enclosed section.

  5. Burger aside, I love Cape Town winters. I have only been here a few years, but I look forward to it every single year…

  6. Brazen – I have heard good things about Royal! I must get there sometime.

    Po – no I didn’t! I really have to try again next weekend, this is getting ridiculous!

    Louisa – I will look for it definitely – thanks hun!

    302 – Believe it or not, I still haven’t been to Cavendish!

    Blindcripple – I think I am looking forward to a bit of a slower pace in winter, I have just loved every summer day here…and it is still lovely, even now!

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