Not enough me time

I am not sure how, but somehow I made it through this long tiresome week! I have been in training since Tuesday – a complete brain drain. New systems, new processes and plenty of number crunching. To top it off I was also psychoanalysed – a lady tried to establish my stress levels – because obviously I am an interesting case. I was prepared. I giggled and waved my hands around plenty, hopefully establishing the idea that I am just a normal woman, pretty chilled and doing the best I can. I think all the basics are pretty well covered at the very least. I have a voracious appetite, I sleep like the dead, (just maybe not enough) Yoga ticks boxes for stress relief, exercise and a hobby. I take vitamin C daily, have no issues with my work colleagues (well when they are not eating)…not too shabby on paper. So I wonder did I pass the multiple choice questionnaire on sanity? mmnnn


Today is the last day of this classroom environment and then the weekend can begin in all earnest.


4 thoughts on “Not enough me time

  1. Thanks Tay – had a great one!

    Brazen hahah, as long as you skip the fine print!

    302 – There were many d’s…4’s and ‘sometimes’. I will sadly never know the results, then again maybe that’s best!

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