Pick yourself up, dust yourself off – ready to go.

killer_heels_by_kaledrubI am becoming more and more aware of the world around me and I think I am starting to get a pretty good understanding how it all works. For the first time in my life, be it age or experience, I am becoming acutely aware of how it is all connected. Give and take, cause and consequence. It is not a messy and convoluted theory; the sense is in the simplicity.

Getting that call to meet the girls for a glass of wine at the exact moment you find yourself longing to be cotton wooled by the lights of the city.

It is in receiving a complement the moment you need it. Finding that twenty rand note you stashed for a rainy day. The first song you hear in the morning, that makes you want to get up and dance. Forgetting for a moment how terrible Monday is. That sms asking you to meet for coffee just as the office starts to get unbearable. The lingering warm summer nights, helping me to prepare for my first winter alone in the city.

Then there is the lesson in not judging someone too quickly. With patience and an open mind, the reward of meeting someone pretty incredible makes it worth while. How the attitude you wear is even more important than a pair of killer heels.

Somehow you always get what you need and what you put out there has a way of coming back.

There was a highly amusing discussion going on the other night about falling. Everyone has a tale to tell on this subject. Be it falling face first in front of the seniors at high school, the ones with heels and soft grass, man holes, staircases – scrapes and bruises. My poor lovely friend Roxilla also had her moment of grace in the bathrooms this weekend. There were many giggles and luckily I was the only witness. Everyone has a tale. My tale involves one New Years Eve, a ridiculously long and steep staircase and then x-rays the following day to reveal fractured ribs. I kept this to myself. In fact, I thought rather smugly, I am in heels more than I am barefoot and I haven’t fallen in years. Smugness is an evil thing. I realised this karmic error whilst hurtling down the stairs tonight, feet first, arms flaying – that sick feeling of panic when you start to pick up pace…

Thankfully I don’t think I need x-rays, I just have one throbbing big toe.


5 thoughts on “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off – ready to go.

  1. Ow poor DT! I never wear heels, and I fall more often than I can count.

    My worst falling experience was when I fell into a huge hole filled with rainwater, right after I had laughed my head off at some other unfortunate soul who had fallen in.

    Talk about cause and effect!

  2. Have I told you lately… that I love you?
    Ooh don’t you love a bit of Michael Bolton in your head?
    But seriously, I love your writing miss.
    And fall all the time, everywhere. What does that say about my karma? Or just my hand-eye coordination.

  3. Modelm Thank you for Michael – I do have a soft spot for that man’s voice – but shhh – it is a secret 😉
    I am sure your Karma is in pretty good shape – just think, any hiccups are immediately resolved with each fall!

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