Bye Monday

I love shopping at the V&A! There is something about the smell of the sea, the seagulls loudly flapping over your heads. The lights, the organisation. The reminder that this is indeed a first class city.

The evening’s mission began at YDE – missing sunglasses and a missing and much loved black lace top needed instant replacing. Then the unglamorous task of buying all those essentials. Much to my friend’s horror, I am not a two-in-one shampoo gal. There is but one product for the shower door, one for the floor and a separate one entirely for the taps. I know I am a bit of a freak like this – but my choice in cleaning products are much like my choice in wine -expensive and specifically selected according to context. Time, place and occasion for the wine and outcome, solution driven for domestic products. My wine choice is normally red and my product selection – lavender. I just love everything and anything lavender. We ended up laughing to the point of tears over a bottle of wine and again I was reminded at just how blessed I am!

Work has suddenly become stressful – in a good way – I do sometimes thrive on deadlines and aim to impress, but sadly this steals away my time to reflect, to read my favourite bloggers, to work on improving my humble virtual page. One more glass of wine and then gracious sleep please come my way!city lights


7 thoughts on “Bye Monday

  1. A bit of challenge in the workplace can be good, helps you refocus.

    Love the picture – was this taken before or after the wine. šŸ˜‰

  2. Brazen – it’s a classy spot to do grocery shopping!

    Rox and 302 – hahaha – I was actually going for the out of focus shot – I like my lights burry, it is how they appear to me without my contact lenses!

  3. ok (roxanne) it was taken after she had the wine. ‘she was going for the blurry look’ is a dead give away. the city shimmers! itz never blurry.

  4. Ha, 302 – it blurs, it shimmers, it is quite alive and never quite the same!

    Rox – Thanks hun – the best city to be winging it my friend šŸ˜‰

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