Fresh and new

Today, thanks to Rox – I experienced Debra Happiness. The domestic situation of my home was starting to drive me crazy! It is one thing to spend loads of time house cleaning while waiting for your man to come home – keeping busy, doing the right good girl thing. But I haven’t felt much like that good girl lately and washing, ironing and scrubbing hardly takes precedent over sitting on my balcony with a Scotch in hand. Debra is truly amazing – warm smiling eyes and suddenly I feel organized, sophisticated and at home!

I can’t wait to climb into a bed that was made by someone else! Tightly tucked in corners and freshly washed, lavender scented pillow cases. Mmnn women really aren’t that hard to please. Gosh so many posts about partying up a storm and now home affairs – for some reason it makes me think of the Queen video – ‘I Want To Break Free.‘ Freddy Mercury in transvestite gear vacuuming! Unforgettable. I can’t help but laugh whenever I see the video!

The greatest album cover of all time

I have some big presentations to make tomorrow – I am trying very hard not to think about it…

I am in love with this song right now- so much so, I can listen to it three or four times in a row. It is kind of old school – there is something raw in there.

Kings of Leon : Sex on Fire

I know they’re watching, they’re watching

All the commotion, the kiddie like play

Has people talking, talking

You, your sex is on fire

The dark of the alley, the breaking of day

The head while I’m driving, I’m driving

Soft lips are open, knuckles are pale

Feels like you’re dying, you’re dying

You, your sex is on fire

Consumed with what’s to transpire

Hot as a fever, rattling bones

I could just taste it, taste it

If it’s not forever, if it’s just tonight

Oh, it’s still the greatest, the greatest, the greatest

You, your sex is on fire

And you, your sex is on fire

Consumed with what’s to transpire

And you, your sex is on fire

Consumed with what’s to transpire

Sorry guys - not terribly original!


8 thoughts on “Fresh and new

  1. There is nothing nicer than getting into a bed with fresh smelling linen, ahhhh small pleasures in life πŸ™‚

  2. don’t mind that song by urhm one of their better offerings, once it gets you, you’re in trouble. listened to it lots a few weeks ago when it got me.

  3. I have “Patricia Happiness”, it works like a charm πŸ™‚

    This morning though, I left her at my house with a stack of laminate floorboards, tiles and other building material stacked all over the lounge and kitchen. I kinda feel bad about leaving it up to her to decide how to clean around all this stuff, but I’m sure she’ll make a plan!

  4. I know Tay – something so very sweet and simple!

    Brazen – that song gets to me everytime! The music video is a bit odd however.

    302 – I am sure, as is normally the case, I will tire of it eventually!

    Haha Dorothy – yup all grown up when the dishes are packed away and you can have guests without cringing!

    Martin – Shame – I hope she managed all right! Sounds like you left her a bit of a mindfield to wade through! πŸ˜‰

  5. I’m sitting here catching up on reading blogs while my Penny spreads happiness all around. Feel a little guilty cause I could be doing it myself, but it’s job creation right? And I adore Kings of Leon. Next you’ll discover the awesomeness of “Use Somebody”. Might be even better than sex. (…on fire, obviously.)

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