Felt as though I was flying through my yoga class yesterday! It was thrilling and just what I needed after such a demanding day. With increased pressure comes the bonus of petty office politics – always fun! I have a particular dislike of people who shirk off their responsibilities, take no ownership of what is expected from them, and then come up with sad excuses with sullen faces. It irritates me and I can seldom hide my irritation. Irrespective of how friendly and patient I have been up to this point. The bitch in me is easily summoned, immediately recognised and seldom forgotten. I need to be careful of this – hide my distain with a smile! Work out the irritation in the yoga class.

I need a mantra.


3 thoughts on “Ohm

  1. I am also very bad at masking my dislike of certain things and people. I am not good at being a “faker”..lol

    I need to learn to be a little less transparent

  2. I am far too nice and placid, anything to keep the peace!

    I guess there’s a balance – assertive but reasonable or something. Or, bitchiness with a smile, my old boss was good at that. Just make a really hectic comment, then follow it up with a smile and a pat on the shoulder. That should confuse them into getting the point!

    By the way, I think we have a resident ‘noise maker’ in the office. One of the IT dudes who sits near me makes the most awful noises when he eats (which is often, and always chips!), drinks or worse, clears his throat! It sounds like a comedy movie, when the rude person hawks up a big fat wad of phlem, utterly gross!!!

  3. know Brazen – it is a problem in the business world – especially when you are supposed to play the ‘corporate game’ on the bright side, I would hate it if people found me superficial – I am pretty much “What you see is, is what you get!”

    Rox – LOL! Shame lady – I feel your pain – yuck – vocal eating habits are the pits!

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