Days that fly by…

Friday night was the SA Blog awards. It was the first award ceremony I attended and I am so glad I did. It was really quite a classy show. Rox and I had an absolute blast and it seemed everyone was determined to enjoy themselves. There were three bloggers I was particularly happy to see win. Chris Mills – IMod, for his dedication, hard work and cause the guy knows some killer moves on the dance floor. SA Rocks for just awesome positivity which I am addicted to in everyone and everything right now and 2Oceansvibe for his extravagance, promotion of living the dream and simply making me smile and or laugh on a daily basis.

A welcome sight was boxes and boxes of Butlers Pizza and on the bar, in Ice, Buckets of cold Corona. Beer and pizza in a swanky nightclub – what more could you ask for! Being in a room of such dynamic go getters in the industry is really inspiring.

That was then and this is now and right now I am swamped! The amount of work I have to wade through seems endless and then there is personal admin to sort out. Insurance, pension plans. I have to find a Retirement annuity to transfer my pension. This is when the man was the most useful. Financial planning. He also knew my weakness for being extravagant. Once he ran into the petrol station and grabbed a bunch of ludicrous items out my hands, before I had a chance to ring it up. I went in to buy smokes and thought I would take the opportunity to stock up on some junk food. It was really funny the way he was bullying me into being sensible. I have been missing him lately, more than usual.

Time to focus, become single minded, don the cap of the serious bitch and stay away from distractions!

Thankfully it is a short week. Gosh whatever happened to March??


10 thoughts on “Days that fly by…

  1. It feels very far away doesn’t it?! Sigh…

    There’ll be other parties, and Brazen you won’t get off the hook for the next one, hehe. 😉

  2. Wow, that sounded like so much fun, I am jealous. I am also jealous of your discipline, I think I need to step away from the internet at work for a while.

  3. Pizza and beer, I should’ve gone! And uhm, yet another major thing we have in common in our past (bad) relationships: financial management. Don’t fret, being forced to deal with it all, you’ll discover your own financial personality and feel so empowered by it. (Even if it means appointing a real financial advisor!)

  4. Brazen it was fun! Next time lady…

    Rox – I know – all that build up then *poof*!

    Po – Sheez I wish it was discipline – more like desperation to get things done. No need for any jealousy there!

    Modelm – you were missed! I think a Real live Financial advisor may just be the answer! I think my Financial personality is rather psycho!

  5. It feels like such a long time ago! Thanks Chris – I will see you there, hopefully this time I can drag my eyes away from my feet – lol!

  6. Hehe, it does feel like a long time ago, almost a week actually! You were anything but a “Dancefloor Tragedy” in my opinion, we’ll rock again tonight and practise afterwards with a couple drinks too 🙂

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