’09 Easter is a treat

I was stuck on the N1 on my way to Franschhoek last night. For two hours. It wasn’t pleasant. In fact it was sheer hell. It made me realise how all that driving over two years really sapped the energy from me on a daily basis, because today I still feel highly irritable. It isn’t helping that every morning this week I have arrived at work, with the air con switched off and two ladies draped in long sleeves and jackets. What the hell? Finally being unable to keep my mouth shut for one more steamy moment, I voiced my concern – only to be met with the answer that it must be my European blood that I don’t feel the cold! Huh? There are girls even wearing scarves today. I mean really…am I going mad…or am I just hot blooded? To make matters worse this dress code at work is slowing doing my head in. (‘Doing my head in.’ that is a pretty bad expression isn’t it? But I do love its implication, even through its path of bad grammar!) For some reason because we have British clients – we have to dress according to Her Majesty Royal standards. Thou shall not display a shoulder – because once a man sees the deliciousness of the curve of  your shoulder he will forever be enraptured, bewitched – incapable of making a dime. Bare arms are to be feared more than Black Death – for once that gate of nakedness is open – there is only ruin and despair to greet you on the other side! Once my hem line was actually measured…personally I think that by wearing a long sleeved, skin tight, knee length black dress that stuck to all the rules, made them somewhat eager to include fine print!! 

This long weekend means very much to me. It is going to be a good break. No more trying to squish anything and everything into two measly days. There is time to play, time to sleep and time to embrace those vegetative moments on the couch – guilt free, brain dead, Television stimulation. Four days break away from the chewer, the fashion police and the snooze button!

 Tonight…tonight I am looking forward to a bit of magic!

’Dancing with the devil in the pale Moonlight’
’Dancing with the devil in the pale Moonlight’

8 thoughts on “’09 Easter is a treat

  1. That’s insane! I realised today just how chilled my office is when we had Casual Day… and most people barely looked any different – myself included!

    Plus at least half the office have tattoos, which makes me feel better about flashing mine. 🙂

    Hope you enjoy tonight chick, sure you will have a blast!

  2. i’m just guessing here, you’re going to balkanology?
    sh*t oh ja you sent it to me on facebook!
    have a ball baby.
    we had an unplanned night out Wed and then Thurs nights, so taking it easy tonight. that vegetative goodness you were referring to? so good.

  3. Thanks Rox – It was awesome. I will do a post soon!

    Modelm – you guys are quite the party animals! 😉 You must come next year – it was very unique!

    Dolce – I know I have become completely intolerant of traffic since my move into the city! Way too much wasted time!

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