Devilishly gorgeous


“This is a onetime offer!” He winked at me and led the way to the bathrooms / more like powder rooms of days long gone. He was careful not to lose me through the very loud and crowded wine cellar. I practically floated behind him – that school girl crush never quite leaves you.  There was a piano inside and a pretty blond girl decided that amongst the magic of the evening and because of the full moon – she would now intuitively know how to play the piano. Behind the closed door, listening to the inharmonious bass chords crashing around me I remembered the first time I had seen that wink. A student, long dresses, braids and beads and shoes that jangled – and here I was again, a long silk dress, beads and jangling. Only this time perhaps there is less fear in my eyes. Outside the wind was cold and relentless, making the dancing more fevered, energetic, embracing the madness of moon and accompanying the foreign music. Exotic and tribal. Everything around me was so exotic and beautiful.  I couldn’t resist having my cards read. In a small tent with intense sticks and sequined pillows. Even before I chose my deck, she told me how I make people feel and said it is a lovely gift, she said I will do very well in life if I found something I believed in and focused on that, because I tend to shut out what is not in my heart. Just good common sense I guess – only I did need a reminder. I give too much of myself and don’t take back. She said this will cause sickness one day. That struck a cord, because I have been feeling somewhat let down by people in my life. Those people who claim to love you, in those moments you best serve their interest. It was a reading that struck a cord deep down inside – to the intuitive me, the me that is learning, growing and becoming more resilient as the days go by. Regardless of all this self reflection; Balkanology is one party I will never forget. The aesthetics were pretty mind-blowing, the costumes, live music and amount of organisation far exceeded all my expectations. The reason for such an event – well it’s the resurrection of Milovan Blagojevic the immortal – of course! The perfect end to a perfect evening, flying downhill, past the vines in a hippie combi – complete with curtains – tie dye and the continuation of strange but sultry sounds.

Got to love the diversity, culture and art of this town – let’s not forget the magic!


5 thoughts on “Devilishly gorgeous

  1. Thanks so much Brazen – you know how it goes..just get bored with the same look all the time! 😉
    It was very dreamy – like another world entirely!

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