Spread the Love – Blogging for Good!

Rox has been working tirelessly on a project very close to her heart. What was once a big idea after many Patron’s in loud bars – is now a reality. After reading her blog for many years I was thrilled to finally meet the boys she wrote about so often, and even more impressed to find they were exactly as she had described. Two helpless sweet boys born into a desperate situation. I also started to understand quite clearly the slow tragic path these boys would inevitably find themselves. Sweet kids living off handouts from strangers, staying on the streets because people see their youth, feel pity and give them money. Then slowly as they grow older and the sweet young look starts disappearing, then it is a fast fall into drugs, possibly crime and God knows what other horrors await them. From innocence to hardened adults. I would imagine it will be those innocent days on the streets, that would be the happiest times of their lives. It really is heartbreaking. There is only one way to break this cycle and that is by getting them off the streets and into homes. Cape Town city is truly a city that works and the amount of assistance and advice Rox managed to acquire is truly remarkable. It is one thing to talk the talk, to empathise, to voice opinions but it is quite another to act and I have been very guilty of inaction for the majority of my adult life. It is different when you see the facts in front of your face, it is one thing to be told you can make a difference but another thing entirely knowing for certain that you can, how and why.
I guess for my own personal development, it is just another case in point of how the people you meet, you have met for a reason. With time and patience, it soon becomes clear.Please read Rox’s post:here and join the FaceBook group to see how you can help!



4 thoughts on “Spread the Love – Blogging for Good!

  1. No pressure Modelm – this will be an ongoing project and your help will be greatly appreciated!

    More than a pleasure Rox. Looking forward to more projects.

    Dolce – it really is! Been guilty of sitting on my backside for way too long! When you are back in sunny SA we would love your help!

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