From Politics to Dancing

I am feeling very sleepy today, but there is a great feeling of anticipation and excitement in the air, just not at all conducive to working.

I have been enjoying doing some different things lately, going to different places and meeting new people. It is everything I had hoped for when I moved into the city, my fear was always that courage would fail me and prevent me from wondering out of my isolated comfort zone. Life is too short and so far I have managed to land safely and happily on my feet after many giant leaps into the unknown.

One of the highlights has definitely been dancing! Salsa dancing, introduced to me by Chris of iMod.  In a dark little nightclub, the sounds of Havana bouncing off the walls, sharing the dance space with a motorbike and pictures of Che Guevara on every wall, watching us attempt to get it right. Those moves, the swaying of the hips. Strangers at the start of the class then a bona fide dance partner after the first successful turn, ending still hand in hand, upright ready for the next beat. There are the good partners and there are the  really bad partners, the ones with a look of terror in their eyes, complete bafflement, no sense of rhythm of not knowing the right foot from the left. I can only cringe in apology, as my stiletto heel painfully meets the top of their clumsy feet! “Imagine you are in Cuba, your boyfriend is watching us and he is getting angry! ” Was probably the best line I heard during my second class; the first time I managed to drag my eyes away from my feet. Like most good things in life, it gets better when you start enjoying yourself. I have to remind myself to allow the man to take the lead, it is a very difficult thing to do, even more difficult than doing three successive fast turns without losing your balance. It is another world inside that place. A sexy, passionate confident world. I have quite a bit to go to catch up to Chris, but I am loving every minute!

This is turning into a very cosmopolitan life, this little world of mine. A British Client from 8 to 5, then some Buddhism, eastern meditation on the yoga mat, to Latin American dancing, each five minutes away from the other! I am possibly too greedy, seeking and devouring one new adventure onto the next.

One day!
One day!


2009 elections. Did you vote? It was and is the rhetoric everywhere, it really is wonderful, but there is also a feeling of hopelessness crouched in the shadows. So much speculation, accusations – politicians making complete asses out of themselves. God Zapiro really doesn’t have to dig deep to find inspiration. From the shocking to blatant embarrassing bullshit we have to witness. In the good South African way, hopelessness is quickly overcome by laughter – God save Nandos and South African humour! From Jooste to Malema somehow the chicken is always  first to cross the road!

Helen Zille is a woman who has fast gained my respect, especially when it is not just her words that have won me over, but living in this city, that works, that is beautiful and clean and organised. A city full of proud inhabitants and impressed tourists.

It is a long weekend and I am looking forward to a bottle of Raka Quinary ’04, good company and more dancing!


5 thoughts on “From Politics to Dancing

  1. Ah babe, it’s sooo awesome to hear that you’re starting to love Cape Town, it must have been incredibly scary for you at first, good on you for walking out that comfort zone!

    Damn, you right really well, sjoe! You captured what it’s like perfectly, oh and I so remember when you told me that that one guy said “Imagine you are in Cuba, your boyfriend is watching us and he is getting angry!”, classic!

    You’re catching up quickly though, it’s all our extra little practises that are starting to pay off, I look forward to our next social night out 🙂

    “One day!” ~ Hah, END OF THE YEAR – don’t forget that!

  2. Oh Louisa it really is, you should totally give it a try!

    ModelM – all wine goes down well in good company! Thank you for being such a gracious hostess! Soup. Ciabatta. New York walls and so much fun!! 😀

    Chris – it really was scary in the beginning! Thank you for the awesome complement and for introducing me into that world!
    Yup New Years Eve 2009 – Don’t worry I am just as determined – hell it may even be sooner! 😉

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