I cannot suffer in silence

Normally I like to think of myself as somewhat stoic in my suffering. Wearing a happy face despite any turmoil inside. But not when I have the flu. Oh no. There is something about drowning in a pile of tissues, sneezing your head off every couple of seconds, body doubling over in painful coughing episodes (this is when being a smoker really adds to the elegance of the entire saga) that really just makes me want to moan. Whine. Tell every Sarah, Jane and Mildred just exactly how sick I am, punctuated by my husky choking voice and tearful eyes! Not to mention the gap, mid sentence bout of coughing fits. I whine. A lot. It is a bottomless well of self pity, Vicks vapour rub and the island couch; with all possible requirements at arms length on the floor! Falling in and out of sleep, so much so, that you end up feeling alive and well at the precise moment you need to be asleep. Normally the early hours of the morning. This is actually the bit I look forward to; Whisky, honey, ginger and boiling water in my gorgeous large cappuccino mug. This is the stuff that gently takes away reality, warm intoxication that soothes and offers comfort. My Dad’s solution for every ailment.

Star Anise, cinnamon, scotch and honey = pure love

It was a fantastic weekend none the less. Rox’s Birthday on Friday was very cool. A group of fantastic people on a balcony on Long Street. There was cake, singing, dancing, Patron, then drama of my own making and misbehaving…

I also wore my boots for the first time – winter is undeniably here!

I think I am going to take a couple of days leave this week – to recover, get well and find some balance. Maybe sneak some wine farms into the equation…

Time for Dad’s hot toddy!


7 thoughts on “I cannot suffer in silence

  1. Well I hope that you feel better soon you probably just need to slow down a little bit, for a little while as daunting as that sounds.

    And hot toddies are the best – I like mine with brandy though in a big snifter with a blanket that goes up to my eyes, only lowered for a slow sip.

  2. Beauty Gal โ€“ Of course preventative as well as being a pretty fine winter cocktail!

    Thanks Blade! A good night would not be complete without a bit of drama! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Aw shucks thanks Chris!:-D

  3. 302 it was quite a challenge in the beginning to slow down, to sit still and just relax. But I needed it and now I am happily rested, feeling much better and ready to kick ass!

    Thanks Candy, it is quite sad that I only really think to make it when I am half dead with a blocked nose โ€“ I donโ€™t even think I get a good appreciation of how lovely it tastes! It is more a matter of medicine and survival! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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