Time just isn’t on my side

I am determined to be organised this week. Time keeps slipping away from me. I hate things cropping up, out of the blue. Emails followed by phone calls – just in case I suddenly became computer illiterate or forgot how to read! The key is to stay on top – to pre-empt the demand before it swallows you whole. I have so many posts I want to complete, there is so much to write and say. I ended up scribbling in my diary at three in the morning. Illegible and excitable handwriting. I considered taking a picture and posting this – but somehow my diary is still the most private and personal of all my recollections, not to be shared at all. I still find great comfort in those pages.

It has been a crazy wild couple of weeks. Pleasantly broken by a few days off to recover and unwind. So yes much to write about…when I finally drag myself on top of this looming and ever growing tower of things to get down!


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