Seven things

kreativ_blogger_award_copyI was very much honored when Inside Candy listed me as one of her favourite creative bloggers. Part of accepting such an award means I need to list the following:

Seven Things I love:

  1. Cosy nights inside my flat, time to myself.
  2. Doing handstands in yoga.
  3. Salsa dance classes and my new black satin dance shoes.
  4. Being single and carefree – it is sinking in – I am my own boss baby!
  5. Rox introduced me to Mozilla Firefox and swore my life would change – she was right – I am in love! (Yes and I know also a bit slow)
  6. Red Red wine – tis the season for it and it is going down like a dream.
  7. Black lace leggings! Still in the bag, can’t wait to wear them.

Seven blogs I love:

This is really, really hard.

  1. Roxilla – because she kicks ass, loves all things pretty and vintage and then also wants to save the planet.
  2. Sexy Redframe – because she wrote the best love story I have ever read and she has helped me see the world in a different and more beautiful way!
  3. ModelMental – because this blog  tells an amazing story of a young girl behind the camera. The side I never imagined!
  4. 302 – Frank Sinatra smooth, gentleman with a penchant for the finer things in life!
  5. La Dolce Vita – The girl has some sexy stuff on her pages and just real wicked honesty.
  6. iMod – Christopher Mills – Very talented guy in his field and awesome salsa partner.
  7. Louisa – Honesty and sincerity and the wonderful news that she is about to become a mother!

Each of the nominated blogs should list seven things and seven blogs that they love.


    11 thoughts on “Seven things

    1. I also loved Sexy Redframe’s story, why can’t it happen to me 😛
      man I neeeeeed black lace leggings, where did you buy them from? hope it was a chainstore coz I dont live in Cape Town.

    2. Well I got them from Woolworths C! Now if only I could find some plain ones – they seem to all be sold out!

    3. Enjoyed the list very much Louisa! Cant wait to read your favourite blogs!

      Cool Rox – looking forward to it!

    4. don’t you just write the nicest things – 302 and sinatra in the same sentence.

      do you really do the handstands? thursday when the time comes around for that dainty move on the yoga mat i’m gonna put my specs on to check. aarh there she goes to practice, heart rate increasing, legs in the air.

    5. Gosh 302 how on earth did your lovely comment go to spam! Shame on me for not checking sooner! No please keep your specs off – otherwise I will go shy!

      Thanks Candy 🙂

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