Scandal delicious

I had one of those really gooood nights sleep last night. The kind when you sleep right through the night and deeply, waking up to find yourself cocooned amongst the covers, your head deeply embedded in the pillows. Then there is that great stretch.

I have been spending way too much time at work lately. I haven’t minded too much. It is amazing how much I can get done between the hours of 6 and 10pm. I think I work best in isolation, solitude and silence. People are just too much maintenance. I bore easily with small talk. I loathe insincerity, despise competiveness. I think competiveness is one of the ugliest traits in a person. Passive aggression. Being incapable of being happy for someone’s good fortune without first considering your own. When I find the mood of the conversation is veering into the general direction of Jones verse Jones and whose got the better cheese, I immediately loose eye contact and try to find the fastest way out the situation. When are we going to start flying around? Old science fiction movies made us that promise and technology still hasn’t delivered. Because really I think having little rockets under my shoes would be sheer perfection for these little skin crawling, horribly ugly moments.

I arrived at work yesterday feeling awfully inspired and ready for anything. So the horror of being called into a meeting with the big bosses and HR didn’t fully hit me until the door closed and I was faced with three very serious faces across the boardroom table.

All I could think was Fuck – I am online too much, blogging too much, tweeting too much…I will apologise if there is evidence and deny everything if there isn’t!

I was told in all seriousness that there has been much talk about me and I need to know that it is rumoured I am having an affair with the boss! This is so exciting! I even loved writing those words! Little old me involved in a scandal of massive proportions in my little micro universe! Since yesterday I have noticed many curious glances, been winked at and seem to turn all heads when I walk through the door! I pretty much keep to myself at work and I think there are many people who just don’t get me – so the bosses where quite shocked when I burst into laughter after they dropped the bomb. But I mean real laughter, the tears were rolling down my cheeks! God I am cracking up now just thinking about it! All good skinner eventually fades, but I haven’t had this much fun in a long time.

After a month of blissful silence and normal eating habits around me – the chewer is back from leave! As bad as ever – and absence hasn’t made my heart grow fonder….


6 thoughts on “Scandal delicious

  1. Tay it was – still is! A year ago I probably would have been quite offended and hectically embarrassed! I suppose it is true what they say: As you get older you chill out a bit more!

    Brazen on the down side, it is fine for me to laugh about it because I am not involved with anyone – but I do believe that this kind of gossip can cause all types trouble! I am lucky in that I don’t take what people think about me too seriously. Especially at work!

    I have also joined in the gossip circle from time to time – so this is my bit of karma!

  2. Good grief, all you do is be a bit quiet, and the next thing they thing you are bonking the boss! Office rumours are hectic.

  3. Chris – mnnn I will leave that for you to figure out! 😉

    Po – I know it is pretty much a – damned if you do damned if you don’t – situation. I am guessing the popular conclusion around the water cooler has been: “You know what they say, it’s always the quiet ones!”

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