Changing fortune of time

Wow sad, sad news about Michael Jackson. I got home at about midnight last night and started writing. The streets were beautiful late at night and with a whisky in hand I was feeling pretty inspired. As always, my source for all things newsworthy – Twitter was suddenly buzzing with the news that MJ was in a coma – then allegedly dead – then the death of Michael Jackson was confirmed. An icon of pop music, transcending generations. It is a tragic loss. As a tiny young thing I remember one of my Aunts covering my eyes when the family got together to watch Thriller. She believed it would give me nightmares. Billie Jean was an early favourite, as I got older his affiliation with my favourite guitarist of all times peaked my interest once more.


Well since I am at it another picture of Slash wouldn’t hurt – I mean he is still alive and kicking.

Sexy, sexy sexy – always a sucker for the bad boy!
Sexy, sexy sexy

I had a hectic yoga session yesterday – felt beat to the ground. I haven’t quite felt back in sync since being back from Jobug. My body feels heavy and unyielding. Or maybe it is just the winter cold. The repressiveness of being bundled up in layers of clothing. My Parents are in Scotland – the weather is lovely. In Cape town we are living in a fridge. It is bizzarre.

It’s done – booked and paid for! Bloody hell I stop smoking on the 24th of July at The Alan Carr Easy way clinic. No more disgusting smoky smells in my hair, no more excusing myself from restaurants and then the best bit – no more having to sit and listen politely to numerous patronising lectures about the ill effects of smoking. Because, in case you weren’t aware, by being smokers we are naturally simpleminded and stupid, we have learning difficulties – it never quite sank in that smoking isn’t healthy – honestly all smokers believe smoking a cigarette is like taking vitamin C!

The preparations for the clinic involve not cutting down until the day and focusing on the times you enjoy your smokes the most – like after a meal, after coffee and after most good stuff and then question your assumed enjoyment. I think this will work. I gave up my man after seven years. He was no good for me. Must keep walking.

Now I have a vice to replace…I wasn’t born to be an angel and I am petrified of mediocrity.

Oh Lord – this blog needs a makeover – a do over – a total bloody revamp! My half assed bio is no longer relevant. I don’t think there is anything more tragic than becoming irrelevant. So I will give it some thought – maybe too much thought –see what will evolve.


12 thoughts on “Changing fortune of time

  1. I’m glad I’ve come across your blog. I spent a summer in Fish Hoek. South Africa is close to my heart! I also, am a fellow writer and smoker! I’m glad you are respectful of Jackson’s death, I’ve been reading a few blogs where people obviously dislike him, but straight-up have no respect for him or his family during this time. I think people sometimes believe going against the grain combined with social media is trendy, giving them an edge. We must be careful not to use a faceless Internet as an excuse to abandon humanism, respect and dignity. All that to say: thanks for your comments on Jackson.

    My bit on Jackson’s death if you’re interested.

  2. Busy, busy , busy with the concentration span of a gnat! Thank the heavens it is Friday! I could scream with joy!

  3. Hi Observer and fellow smoker! Thanks for the comment! I can’t say I was his greatest fan – but you had to respect what the man achieved! He was one of a kind! Hope you get to come back to Cape Town soon!

  4. Aah, poor old MJ – he really was an icon who bridges cultures and generations!

    As for the no smoking thing, I’m very proud of you chick! I have really never looked back since I quit all those years ago, and while I know I was still young enough for it to be a lot easier, you have no idea how different you feel afterwards… you can suddenly taste food properly, smell properly and breath properly – it makes up for the difficult first week or two!

    Enjoy the salsa tonight and will chat soon!

  5. Thanks Rox – I hope I will be deserving of your pride 🙂

    Thanks Spear – I take it you have been there before? It is quite nerve wracking to be honest – merely the thought!

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