Riches of a different kind


He had on a baseball cap and seemed completely mesmerised by the music. I liked the sound of his laugh. It wasn’t a place I would normally frequent. Dark with illuminous colours – but the music is infectious so I couldn’t resist. Once again I found myself on the dance floor. Keeping me in trouble or out of trouble – seems like it can go either way. I have quite an unusual assortment of friends, the friends who took me out this particular evening are of the recently married variety, the type that like to forget they are married every now and then. Me: the happy passenger.

Now the boy with the baseball cap wakes me up each morning with a delightful sms he then bids me goodnight and I find myself smiling at the ease of his nature and uncomplicated affection. It is wonderfully refreshing.

From cigarette to cigarette I am throwing myself into a smoky indulgence of nicotine before I head to rehab. To say farewell to my pernicious friend and hello to the new me. I like the idea of reinventing myself. Perhaps it is the power of acknowledgement. We are merely who we perceive ourselves to be – with a bunch of random facts thrown in for measure. So there is a degree of bliss in discovering change is entirely possible.

Rich experiences provoking cosmopolitan thoughts. I am enjoying the richness of it all. Champagne under a pseudo sky with stars, dinner with the family and a gurgling happy one year old – bouncing in her seat in time to the background music. Pure joy in holding a piece of Ciabatta. I have never seen such a happy child before! She is an absolute delight! Lunch with the boy and his mischievous smile. Yoga – focusing on the core – trying really hard to flatten the stomach and then the late salsa nights; Ha thief of sleep. I have also lost my feet somewhere…coordination much needed and lacking.

It is hard not being distracted by the promise of Friday. A fresh weekend waiting to be unwrapped. Many plans, many phone calls and maybe a tiny modicum of peaceful time. In bed with a book – perhaps?


12 thoughts on “Riches of a different kind

  1. my mother smoked for a long time, i think it must have been more years than i’ve got fingers and toes but then one day she just gave it up.

    on my fortnightly sunday lunch visit she said do you notice anything different – i think that question panick’s a man – i said what? why?

    and then she announced that she had given up smoking – just like that – i’m sure you’ll give it up – in your own time or just like that or however whenever – in your own way.

    and i probably won’t notice the delta in behaviour either but don’t let that stop you.

  2. 302, I think like your Mother I will bring it to everyone’s attention. There will probably will a flamboyant demand on my part to have people acknowledge my great sacrifice. A bit of drama required in the face of misery! God help those in my company! 😉

  3. DT, your writing is just so unbelievably gorgeous babe, sheesh, I could have carried on reading and reading.

    “Champagne under a pseudo sky with stars” ~ Encore?

  4. Thank you Tay – to you too! Hope all is well with you – I need to catch up on your blog ASAP!

  5. Loved this post, except I can’t say why. The way you wrote it was different, almost as if you were in some euphoric state.

    Again, loved it. 🙂

  6. Thanks Blindcripple! I think it is because some of the things that have been happening to me lately are still quite surreal to me. So far from what I have been used to for many years!

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