Procrastination and on-line chats

Something pretty amazing about on- line chats; is that you can save them and reread them. A conversation becomes the written word – I have had some delightful conversations recently – and when I reread this one I just had to publish it!

Shrink: looks like people are getting snap shots of you all over CT

DT: hahaha

DT: I know I have been tagged to death!

Shrink: its great

DT: no!!!!

Shrink: yes!!!!!!!!!!!

Shrink: the uncensored you…

Shrink: I like it

DT: oh dear

Shrink: ahahaha

Shrink: just let it be

Shrink: that is my therapeutic advice

Shrink: free

DT: thanks 🙂

DT: I actually just give up

Shrink: on?

DT: worrying

Shrink: that is a good thing to give up

Shrink: even better than giving up smoking

Shrink: worrying should also come with all sorts of warnings…

Shrink: and terrible pictures of twisted colons,

Shrink: exhausted neurotransmitters,

Shrink: …serotonin on a spinning bike…

DT: hahaha

DT: God – genius- Mister you need to put this on paper!

Shrink: anyway…enough of my mindless chatter for today

DT: not at all mindless

DT: rather witty

Shrink: back to work for me…there are crazy people out there that need an ear

DT: Good luck!!

DT: I wish your ear strength!

Shrink: thank you!

Shrink: luckily there are two of them

Shrink: ill try the left one today

DT: Lol

Shrink: problem is, as a therapist, you have to learn to listen with your mouth

Shrink: now that is an art if there ever was on

DT: do u think there is a relationship between left ear listening and left brain logic?

DT: Left ear a tad more what’s it….logical?

Shrink: that is a good question!!!!

Shrink: I will look into it

DT: maybe deafening one ear will produce diff results

Shrink: I don’t think so……but it is an interesting question nevertheless….

Shrink: Mozart was deaf and he still produced masterpieces

Shrink: I tell you what…..

Shrink: why don’t you block your left ear with chewing gum for the day and tell me if you where less logical by the end of the day????

DT: hahaha – I am so short of logic as is – I doubt it will have any kind of effect!!!

Shrink: then, perhaps you just have a chronic left ear infection

DT: I remember having a reki session and she said the left side of my brain was like dead!

Shrink: maybe they didn’t take out the left grommit when you were 5yrs old?

DT: perhaps!

Shrink: if the left side of your brain was dead you would not be typing right now

DT: creativity – a result of ear infections

Shrink: yes!

Shrink: we are onto something!

DT: could start an entire new theory!

Shrink: have a great day!!!

Shrink: stop jumping in front of cameras…ok?

DT: I will try!!!

DT: you too! Have a useful balanced listening experience

Shrink: I try


5 thoughts on “Procrastination and on-line chats

  1. HA HA HA!!! great conversation 🙂

    PS – I will be having a CAPE TOWN giveaway to attend this fashion/GHD/MAC event thingy. You and Model Mental (aka SExy red frame) should eneter. I have 3 double tickets to giveaway. Will probably put up giveaway tomorrow.

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