Softly you go now…

Mondays needs to be accompanied by a bit of softness, a couple of indulgences. A good blog to read, the discovery of a new tool or perhaps just some enjoyable easy company. Time needs to move quickly and I also find that a steady long stare into nothing, is part and parcel of the journey to Mondays’ end. Thankfully we have revamped our offices and now I can stare at the gloomy pine tree outside – swaying in the sunless air.

It is the day I am least likely to go to yoga and my couch, black velvet blanket and fluffy slippers are thought of with tremendous longing. I rather enjoy knowing that I can make up for my lapse of productivity in the three days that lie ahead. (I try not to count Friday at this point)

On a Monday, there’s a tendency to remain wallowing in the warm memories of the weekend just gone by. The drinks they came five minutes after leaving the office on Friday, then a fast and furious night quickly blurred by patron, crazy antics and drunken loose haired fun! Saturday called for  Peroni at sunset, the  sea, sushi and a delightful assortment of old and eccentric movies with Glenmorangie and my new Favourite: Redbreast – yum!!! Although I have confessed to my partner in indulgences – that I may very possibly be influenced by the price of one dram of the stuff!

Then Last night we made a long table from three bar tables, complete with two candlesticks. Trays of home cooked lasagne, potato salad. 12 people almost all completely different. Different cultures, languages, backgrounds – but a shared love of dancing. A strange feeling of family amongst almost strangers. How is it that such a strange dynamic exists,  in this place they told me was so clicky? There it is again. Now it is dinner on a Dance Floor, followed by desert, then followed by a movie.

Sunday nights are the nights you wish would never end.

Today is drawing to a close. I want to go home, clean house, which will surely lend itself to a cleaner mental focus. I want to write in my Red Moleskin diary and make a gigantic pot of Thai Green Curry – which should carry me through the rest of the week in healthy manner. Yes the transition from party girl to domestic is rather alarming. I must ensure I have a glass of red to assist with the cleaning…

Wine figures


5 thoughts on “Softly you go now…

  1. Dear friend, what beautiful writing you are unlocking of late, once again… Makes me miss you and feel close to you at the same time! Can I come over for some Thai Green some night? x

  2. Thank you darling! You are more than welcome to join me for a plate, then perhaps some wine. I am missing you too – I know you are still close – but you feel so far! x

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