Let it rain

It is a terribly gloomy grey day, there are many sore throats, coughing, swine flu cases – at work we are on this hygiene focus drive to reduce absenteeism. With no sunshine it seems as though energy levels have decreased. There is a heaviness evident, the insatiable desire to stay under the covers. Wrap cotton sheets and feather duvets tightly around you. Patience at its all time low, people are scratching my skin – invading my space with inane dribble and wasted questions. I am tired of my pale and translucent skin. So it is in these times I must – in all earnest – find – like blood in a stone – the silver lining. The glare at the end of the drain pipe. The rainbow. Before I lose the plot!

There have been a couple of fashion items this season in Cape Town that I have loved:

  • Leggings – I wear these to death – I brought two pairs from YDE – they are extra long and I love wearing them so the bottom is tucked under my heels – with closed back stiletto’s. I also love them with Uggs and my knee high boots – so versatile – I am not sure what I would have done without then!
  • Tartan – Being of Scottish descent – I have a love hate relationship with this pattern. I think I owned too much when I was younger – especially during the years when it was simply not cool – but now – I love it! Tartan everything – not only Tartan but plaid, check – I would kill for anything from Burberry! For now – the tiny black and grey tartan skirt I brought from SKA will have to suffice.Burberry - Brit SheerBurberry_wool_and_fur_coat_with_zippers
  • Knee length black coat – I brought this last winter from Woolies – so it isn’t ultra fashionable, expensive or anything – only this season I pinned a bright red rose to the collar. I wanted to do this for my Uncles funeral – I knew he would appreciate it – breaking away from the black. Since then it has stayed on, and strangely enough I seldom go anywhere without someone saying something about my rose.
  • Along with my red rose – I love the colour red. I brought this crazy short red dress from Journey on Long Street, at a 50% off sale. When I spin around it bellows like a tea cup. It is also that deep dark red. Today there is no greater contrast than my dress in this grey weather. It cheers me up tremendously!
  • My uncle brought me a Swarovski cross for my 30th birthday. It is chunky and dazzles. It makes me think about my family and reminds me about where I have come from. Often its comforting to know that I always have a home to turn to- especially in moments when people look at me like I am from another planet.

Then the other marvellous miscellaneous things:

  • My iPod: Listening to Bitter Sweet Symphony while walking through the city always gives me a kick. At work music gives me a lift when required. Love songs to send me into dream land and then there the loud foot tapping stuff – that blocks out the chewer – even when there is an apple involved! Yes she is still tormenting me with her very loud, earth shattering chewing habits and no, I have not got used to it!
  • My BlackBerry. My love affair with this lovely phone continues and I keep finding applications that I haven’t used before.
  • My electric blanket. My ex hated them so it has been the first winter I have used one – I put it on about half an hour before I go to sleep – then it goes off after an hour or so – depending on how long my book keeps me awake.
  • My flat in the city. I am still in love with my space and in winter it has proven to be cosy and warm. I love how the lights from ABSA and FNB flood my room at night, the smell of the sea when the wind is howling. I love my kitchen and marble kitchen counter. I love that it is all mine!



6 thoughts on “Let it rain

  1. Electric blankets are the best! I used to not be a fan, but boy oh boy was I missing out!

    Babes, we must go shopping together again, that was awesome, cocktails at 221 and perving over red soled heels 😀

  2. Oh Yes Chris – the red soled shoes – oh my word they were to die for! One day… and yes we must do that again soon! It is inspirational!

    Thanks Brazen – I really am in love with that shop – just a peek through the doors has me in Goosebumps!

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