Heart on the bench

I know people who know people! (yay – yes I can now say such things – who would have thunk it ??  Little ole me?)

And that little treasure of information had me across from a ramp, watching the most beautiful girls and guys strut their stuff (although not very happily at times) on the runway, sitting below a girl on a swing – wearing very little as well as massively delicious dominatrix heels. (You had to be there!)

They played Madonna’s “Celebrate”  among other 80’s tunes and it was very difficult to sit still in my seat or keep the smile off my face. It was rather peculiar to see with my own eyes – that misery and boredom was a look not only worn by the models but by the spectators themselves. As hard as I tried I just couldn’t adapt the same blank expression. It was at my first fashion show. The men were so gorgeous my skin was melting, I was sitting next to the lovely Modelmental who was also telling me some of her glamorous tales of her life on the runway. The lights, the clothes, the models – sure – I get where a yawn and complete disinterest would play a role!

So much fun!!

Well I have been given a huge work challenge that will last for three months and hopefully,  if all goes well – there will be celebrations at the end of November – celebrations French Champagne style – worthy of Bollinger, Mumm, Taittinger, Veuve clicquot …actually come to think of it – just in time for the first Saturday of December and the Champagne Festival.

So it is going to be plenty of hard work – I need to stay focused. For seven months I have partied hard – so hard that my heels have been worn down, two bottles of essentiale have been emptied, taxi company’s know my name and I was recognised by a policeman in a coffee shop – as the girl – full of attitude- one Friday night. In other words as Rox put it at the time – The night I fought the law and won, only to then bump into him in the sober daylight! Yes I have partied hard. My red mole skinned diary under my bed has been filled with adventure after adventure. I really need to seek out some balance now. Having stopped my smoking habit after 15 years, proves I can discipline myself, now I just need to work on the focus, time management and organisation. I swear those have to be the three most dull and lacklustre words in the English language.

In other news it seems I am destined to be one of those single friends no one really knows what to do with – my wingchic can be a winghic no more as she has become a the very happy chic of a tall, romantic, lovely polish man, only just deserving of her…and my ex is coming to visit me this weekend. (I have been missing him more than cigarettes and am now weeping at every love song I hear and every soppy movie I watch – just a stage I suppose) and then, I cannot for the life of me figure out Google AdSense…but I am doing well in yoga! I am also finding my days speeding by very quickly – not being broken up by numerous smoke breaks. This is slightly concerning – I am still unsure how a non smoker operates…

I think I have watched Pretty in Pink six times. I am so in love with the scene when she says to her Dad: “I just want them to know that they didn’t break me” Just so you know…



14 thoughts on “Heart on the bench

  1. Nonsense, I will always be your wingchic – bf or otherwise!

    I’ve been in those weird limbo phases before… it’s a strange feeling, not quite in either world and everyone seemingly content. Just embrace the new, calmer, centred DT, and things will settle down. Besides, you can still be carefree and fabulous and having thrilling dates and escapades with interesting characters and ardent suitors!

    I think that we need some Long Street madness therapy chick – you and me, and Patron, claps and giggles – a taste of Friday nights of our wicked and wild summer… all we need is a table, the rest will follow.

    What say you?! 😉

  2. Hahaha Rox – I suppose you could! Long Street madness – sjoe chic – despite my words I have a feeling in my bones that there will still be many of those to come!! I say bring it on – we need to toast the end of winter. (Supposedly…)

  3. Hehe, even if it’s just some chaos at Hood – but I think those days shall come around again, who knows what will happen by summer?!

  4. Summer – Yay! Maybe we can start there – but there is a place where you have not been yet – they have Patron!!

  5. Good luck this weekend with the ex thing.

    I LOVE Pretty in Pink. I own the dvd and every now and then I need to watch it (along with all my other 80’s favourites) 🙂

  6. Hahaha Jib – sounds awesome!

    Brazen – I just love it when the romance is all about the kiss! I must get the DVD – that and Dirty Dancing – then I will always have feel good stuff around!


    So many more adventures to come mizz.
    what the press for The Kelp Gang Party ( new cast members )

  8. Hello dear DT, I enjoy reading your dreamy posts as always, you make your life sound like something out of the Great Gatsby, you really do have a way with words!

  9. Good point Blade – not only do we need to plan a Kelp summer party but we need to figure out some initiation rites.

    Thanks Chris – Will do! 🙂

    Thanks Po – Bless you – you make my heart soar! I am not so sure about a Gatsby life…could that really be me??

  10. Well, not the actual Gatsby criminal part, just the way everything in the book is described with this dreamy beauty.

  11. Lol Po! Thank you – I do love how he describes the high life. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era!

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