Good old Haarties

haarties Sept 2009 151

My parents own a beautiful house in hartebeespoort dam. When I still lived in Joburg I would spend loads of time there. Having parties, or with my family but mostly on my own. I loved the tranquillity of the place. It offers a great haven to people living in the buzzing city. I know it is merely a dam, but it is a very special place to me. This time of year it is at its best! An Oasis in the desert.haarties Sept 2009 096Lisa's Hen Party, Wedding and haarties Sept 2009 108haarties Sept 2009 144haarties Sept 2009 119

Yes I am still a little bit home sick…


4 thoughts on “Good old Haarties

  1. I love the Haarties! My aunt and uncle have two places at the dam with jetskies, I used to be on the water by 7am and off when the bad weather came in the later parts of the afternoon 🙂

  2. What a lovely home! It really looks like such a peaceful place. My In-Laws stay in Harties too and I love going out there!

  3. Can we go someday? I’ve never been! Hope the homesickness is getting better and Cape Town’s seducing you back into her heart once more? Though she’d better get this weather sorted or I’M leaving! Miss you miss!

  4. It is lovely there Chris – but yes very dangerous to be on the water when the weather changes.

    Thanks Tay – it is a lovely getaway in Joburg – I think because of the proximity to the city – it is perfect!

    My Darling Reframe of course we can! We should coordinate a family visit together – then spend the weekend there – we will have so much fun going out on the boat and drinking champers!
    Finally, I think I can say I am happy to be back – so yes a successful seduction!

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