Monday morning. I am wearing glasses, there just isn’t time or coordination available to put in contacts. Mornings like this only black and white will do – I am looking a bit like a psychotic, over worked secretary with really big hair. Of course it is the morning that my gorgeous *Marlboro man of a neighbour steps into the lift with me.

It took us nine months of living side by side, exchanging cursory greetings and mindless chats about the weather – for us to finally exchange names. (This of course happened when I was in the lift late at night after a salsa class and he too had a bit of an intoxicating twinkle in his eyes.) This man absolutely fascinates me – he always looks fresh, yet rugged at the same time– always appears to be on his way to climb a mountain – his faithful beautiful sheepdog at his side. I envy his freshness, energy, and this easy lazy sexiness. But I also know, beyond all doubt, I would probably never make a suitable Marlboro man companion.

No – not me who missed most of the daylight hours in a dreamy haze of laziness and then making up for it in the evenings. God I had fun though. Terrible wicked, sexy fun. I needed it!

Work had been gruelling and nasty. The type of stress that makes you just want to drown yourself in a bottle of vodka. I wanted to walk out at least three times a day. Instead of attending yoga, a friend and I went to my new favourite spot in the City – The Bascule. I don’t know if it is the sights of the boats on the harbour, or that they stock the best collection of whisky I have ever seen, or maybe it is that you walk through the most amazing wine cellar en route to the bathroom – but the place just exudes opulence, indulgence. A marvellous little den of inequity.

One glass turned into eight and thus began my week. Stress, reports, presentations, deadlines and hangovers. Too little sleep, no yoga and a ship wrecked house! So yes I needed this weekend badly.

I am building a house tomorrow, for humanity, then heading through to Bantry Bay for Supper – and yup I probably wouldn’t give up this life for anything!

*I wish the personification of a manly man / outdoors hero wasn’t so well used and perfected by tobacco companies – I have tried all morning to replace him – but the best I could come up with as an alternative is a Bar One Man – I dunno: a gooey caramel like chocolate slab – just doesn’t work for me!

Long Street
Long Street

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