Office trash

It is so much easier waking up in the morning to sunlight. It’s almost like I forgot I had a view. The only crime about days like today; warm, still, dazzling and clear is having to sit in the office all day. This new chicken has started working in my team. She is enormously tall,  with this scratchy accent that ruins my day. Then she is always wearing these strappy sandals with a miserable excuse of a heel. Every morning: Click clack click clack – buy new shoes woman!!!!  Then there is this attitude, this awful attitude that some woman develop in a world they would like to dominate and haven’t realised yet that it will never happen. It is an inability to read people, an undeniable ignorance and short-sightedness that angers me to the highest degree! She read me all wrong. Oh dear, landed herself in a pile of thorns, which I have no interest in clearing just yet – I am not here to make friends! She has also befriended my other colleague and there is a large volume of gossip and  chit chat occurring in each other’s laps – Arg, such sophomoric behaviour just pisses me off – to be quite frank! We communicate through emails – polite words with underlying spitting contempt. When I greet her in the morning – I fear my face cracking under the pressure of having to smile. I know its indignation – a female on my turf. To make matter worse she’s  little miss freaking organisation. Sending us her project plan guidelines and scheduling weekly update meetings – which I have not and simply will not attend – just yet… For some reason she has decided she needs to remind me about my own deadlines…my blood boils…

I am starting to wonder if I am simply not a team player – I really would rather work on my own.. This pettiness is energy sapping.

Good thing is I have a very busy week ahead. I have dinner with the Greeks tonight…every night is happily accounted for – so as I leave this place of horrid little girls I can be quickly distracted!!Pictures1 020


6 thoughts on “Office trash

  1. Eep! I work with a bunch of mostly men, and as sexist as this sounds, it is easier. Working with other women is cool too but much harder work.

  2. The only women I ever talk to through work are sales reps, and that hardly ever happens, I’m so happy I don’t have to work with females 🙂 Everyone always complains, I’ve never had the misfortune 😛 but from what I’ve heard its just too much bitchiness and emotional crap going on. Although I get some male assholes I have to deal with, but those are customers. Anyways, its not you etc, when you said about being a teamplayer, she’s just a typical woman. And why are chicks always so jealous of other girls, like they’re so insecure.

  3. You are very lucky Po. Men just seem to get on with each other regardless of where they are from or who they are. Woman are hard work – I just wish they could suck it up and be professional. I simply adore all my female friends, but these chics just give all woman a bad rep!

    oh are so right Chantal – bloody hell we should only ever support each other. What else irks me is that this pathetically heeled busy body, is married with kids and this has obviously elevated her stature in life – making me: the single carefree independent woman – an object of much distain!

    Damn I am feeling bitchy this week! 🙂

  4. Eish, doesn’t sound fun chick!

    I’ve been very lucky in all my jobs, maybe because I have never worked in the corporate or large office sphere… but in all the agencies, from PR to digital to SEO where I am now, there’s been a mixture of men and women, and no attitudes at all. My little team now comprises of three women (me included) and a guy – it’s a tight-knit little group, and if anything it’s nice having fellow chicks around… especially in the macho male office environment that I work in!

    Hope things get easier, and don’t let her get you down. You survived the chewer, you can handle this lady!! 🙂

  5. sounds like you’re complaining for more than your five minutes a day here. stop taking it so seriously it’s silly – it’s just work – and when it’s done and has gone badly have a martini, complain for 5 minutes only and move on, in this weather we can ill afford for our work to put us in venomous moods for to long. roll on friday and the krone ex-merriment which has begun officially last night at 8h30.

  6. Hehehe Rox – I haven’t survived the chewer just yet – the combination of Click clack and the chewing…well let’s just say my ipod is permanently stuck to my ears! 🙂

    302 – I know, I know but sometimes I must complain…it must come out…I need my moments of whinging!

    I am very much looking forward to the Krone experiment – educational and marvellous in one!

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