May the adventures never end…

It has been another really bad day at the office. I am getting somewhat defiant in my attitude which I know isn’t helping. I just hate being apologetic – especially when it is for things out of my hands. Luckily my boss is cool and allows me to scream at him behind closed doors – letting him know how much working with women is slowly killing me dead. His solution for me is to do more yoga.

On the bright side of life, I am dinning at the Twelve Apostles this evening. It is becoming somewhat of a ritual to have dinner with these people over from Joburg – I do believe they enjoy my company, especially after a couple of glasses of wine. Last year it was Salt – which was truly spectacular – but I haven’t eaten at the Twelve apostles yet and I am sure the view is going to accompany a glass of Chardonnay exceptionally well.

Last night’s dinner was awesome. HQ fillets and Caveau’s beautiful courtyard and brilliant service from my favourite blond waitress. The HQ salad of lettuce, shavings of parmesan, oil and pine nuts – is so surprising awesome for such a simple dish – Cafe de Paris sauce and steak fillets cooked to perfection! A wine I never thought much of before, was actually a great fit for the meat dishes – Terra del Capo; Pinot Grigio. Not expensive, crisp with low acidity. Not too shabby at all! (I think my standards may have slipped, I also found myself drinking fanta orange and vodka last weekend…but that is a whole other story!)


Okay time to get my ass out of here – to yoga, then the sea…


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