Self reprimand

New HeelsFirst thing I saw this morning was my white bikini lying on the floor, it was like my uniform this weekend! Shucks going to work was a hard thing to do, seeing my pool was worse. Summer totally kills any desire for a honest days work!

Sense: “So crazy lady,  I hope you stayed in and had a calm weekend like you promised yourself you would?”

Madness: “Well…”

Sense:  “You are going to get your ass into so much trouble one day!”

Madness:”I had reasons to celebrate – a lovely Lebanese dinner, very efficiently sorted out my birthday arrangements… I have lost weight – which is totally bizarre! I don’t really know how it happened – next thing I knew; I was in the city having a whale of a time! I think I can blame Vit B injection…”

Sense:  “Then you had a hangover the whole Saturday no doubt – rendering you useless.”

Madness: “Which wasn’t actually such a bad thing – I couldn’t go shopping, so I saved a fortune – and lay by the pool all day getting a marvelous tan.”

Sense:  “Then probably arrived three hours late for your evening with Rox and the Twitter ladies? Crazy, mad irresponsible cow – I don’t know how people put up with you sometimes…”

Madness: “It was such a lovely night towards the end and I met a cute Viking…”

Sense:  “Whose name you can’t remember…”

Madness: “I know it started with R, he called at a really bad time yesterday.”

Sense:  “What –  between the sixth or seventh glass of bubbly at JC Le Roux?”

Madness:” Yesterday was Hectic! Saw the ex, went to wine farms, had a swim in a big fake rock pool.”

Sense:  “And blew your fortune previously saved on cases of wine. Cases?”

Madness: “Well my birthday is coming up…”

Sense:  “CASES???”

Sense:  “You did one good thing.”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s at the Grand Daddy – Popcorn, popping candy, sherbet with a straw, a glass of red, blankets – intermission and the loveliest people.

Yes that was quite marvellous – a virtuous way indeed to end the weekend!so lovely!


3 thoughts on “Self reprimand

  1. Dear friend… haven’t been on the blogs in the while and now it’s made me realise, I only know about a quarter of all the fun you’re getting up to! Catch-up due very soon, just me and you and a bottle of bubbles! Stat.

  2. I am the same, lovely Redframe: Cant keep up with all the blogs these days. Maybe Twitter is to blame!!
    Yay I cant wait for anothet Pink Flamigo production!

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