sleepy-1I didn’t sleep at all last night. Not even for a minute. It was a combination of the super resilience of the most persistent mosquitoes that ever lived, a busy mind and an utterly exhausted body. I think the party may just be catching up to me. I have a Doctor’s note booking me off for the rest of the week – but I also have some crazy deadlines at work and an exam to study for and write. I wish I could have a dose of that mosquitoes’ super powers.


Today I was also given permission to be a queen bitch, I am apparently too soft and accommodating. Why now…why when I am at my weakest?


God my writing sucks at the moment – I wish this constant desire to talk to myself would stop for a while…


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  1. Thankfully Po they did, the mozzies were gone when the rain began! I just get irritated when I write silly things!

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