Up and down

My friends tears break my heart. Behind most smiles, there is a hurt, an uncertainty. A quickness to doubt ones one own worth. My friend called me at midnight, she was in Camps Bay angry  broken-hearted, hurt and I can’t quite describe the relief I felt when finally, after running around like a mad woman, I found her. Small. Defeated. The man immediately becomes a tyrant in my eyes and I am reminded how crucial it is to have respect, to respect what you might not necessarily agree with or understand in another person. It’s The things we hold close and true to ourselves and more often than, It’s what is used against us – getting hurt by those we love.

It’s terrible what two people can do to each other – but I suppose the flip side of the same coin is the happiness you can share with someone who has earned your trust and love. Anyway I try hard  to not offer advice, every person is different and I cannot assume to know what goes on behind closed doors.

There was one romantic love story this weekend. Chris’s proposal to Fiona on iMod. Very sweet, very romantic. A thousand congratulations!

It was a really busy weekend, a weekend raging with excitement. The Champagne festival this year far exceeded all my expectations. This year there was the addition of a dance floor and mirror balls and many new MCC’s to taste. There was one problem however – not one, but three women were wearing the same dress as I, needless to say I made three new friends:  gals with excellent taste.

Then there was dinner in the winelands with old friends and my favourite wine maker, followed by what I can only refer to as Long Street mayhem.  Sunday was a day on the beach, followed by Goldfish at La Med. The energy was awesome, hot sweaty, incredible music…

What comes up must come down as I face another Monday. The sky is grey which kind of suits my mood, it provides a nice calmness to the city, especially after such a super charged weekend. I just wish it didn’t have to come down quite so fast, it would be good to get a chance to exhale…

La Med on a Sunday - SOLD


7 thoughts on “Up and down

  1. Don’t worry it’ll go UP, up and away again! Don’t think anybody is having a good Monday and if they are ‘just shut Bleeep up’ and let us analyse and be.

    Three women with the same dress – just didn’t really suit the other two did it – you reckon it’s going back today via customer services. Or was it just great minds…think a bright.

  2. Great minds totally. It is a great dress, so definitely not going to be returning it!
    Here’s hoping it will go up…

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