The 4 P’s of love

Rox wrote a lovely post about needful things of two thousand and wine.  I am totally stealing her concept to do something frivolous for a change:

A few of my favourite things: (strangely enough they all start with P)

Pearls: Something about a little black dress, a tan and pearls. Classy, elegant, timeless. One of Brazens sponsors have this darling necklace. Isnt she lovely?:

Plum Jellies: I should hopefully be receiving a pair of these delicious sandals in the mail soon – I cannot wait. They look like the perfect beach wear this summer!  I also happen to know their Marketing manager writes the most touching and entertaining newsletters.

Pink: From 30 Years of avoiding the colour pink like the plague – like all good Goths should. This year I have a bright pink iPod, bright pink bikini, pink glittery sundress, pink lip gloss and pink MCC.

Purple yoga mat: As much as I love to jump up and down, laugh, clap and scream – I think yoga has provided me with the peace I need to stay mentally healthy and physically fit. I haven’t ever really been one to believe in things like chakra’s and aura’s  – but I definitely feel as though it realigns me – helps me shrug off the bullshit that sometimes finds its way between my shoulder blades.

And yoga is where I am headed this afternoon…to declutter and realign…

Along the lines of beauty stuff, I found a very interesting place for gals to visit: Best Beauty Buys ( I am such a sucker for these articles – shame on me!)


5 thoughts on “The 4 P’s of love

  1. Hehe those shoes remind me of those Jellies that were all the craze years ago, those atrocious shoes. Those look nicer though, but surely feet will sweat like crazy?

  2. I remember those Po – those see through numbers – Gawd they were hideous! I will let you know about the sweat factor!

  3. san diego yoga classes…

    If you have limbs you currently can’ t reach, a yoga strap will let you to hold onto those limbs, and it can also aid you in holding a pose longer. You can use a yoga strap for a variety of poses. For example, if you hook it around your foot while your…

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