Just a moment

I think I am going to steal this little moment for myself. I went to gym for the second time this year. I feel pretty damn fantastic – I’m not going to allow these bastards to take it away just yet. I like starting my morning like this. On the stepping machine; I thought about work, I got angry, the pain melted away. On the tread mill; I thought about people, conversations, I felt hurt, then got angry and the kilometers melted away.  So I feel a bit lighter now, sitting behind this desk eating cherries for breakfast and thinking I deserve a croissant. The chewer is dressed like an air hostess. Ghded, highlighted hair, red and blue ensemble, her ring tone is this cheesy house track.

It’s a day to keep to myself, stay quiet and focused. No more procrastination.

I have a couple of mountains to climb, but its okay I am listening to Led Zeppelin and Robert Plant is howling “Babe I ‘m Gonna leave you!” It’s the most gut wrenching sound.


5 thoughts on “Just a moment

  1. Good for you chick – gym is a great way to unwind and relax, weirdly enough! I actually find hard cardio a lot more relaxing than pilates, there is no concentration required so you can just free your mind.

    Can’t wait til I can run again, but for now the sitting down bike is my friend, and the cross trainer is my salvation, hehe. 🙂

  2. Rox – true hey – I like the mind bit very much. It’s good to escape the chaos.

    Helen – It is a habit I would very much like to cultivate this year.

    Thanks SA Expats – Good to see you here.

    I like you too lovely Redframe! I will come jogging soon I promise! Bikram – very good on a Sunday!

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