A glamorous end to January

We were lucky enough to get the best seats in the house. The J&B VIP Marquee. Apparently J&B pay about a million for the tent. A pretty huge sponsorship deal. It was pretty indulgent, over the top, decadent. The guys from Man TV were swanning around – I have to wonder how at ease they are their new found status? I thought the first episode was pretty horrible – a group of not overly attractive men with inflated egos.  Only the one guy seemed comfortable in his skin. (Attitude men – its all about attitude!)  I find it so disappointing that such a good concept in the most perfect setting was so badly executed! The guys honestly looked more dignified in real life BUT Oh sooo full of themselves.

I was quite besides myself walking past Bryan Habana, but couldn’t quite find the nerve to ask him for a photo.  Randall Arahams looked very much the Metro-male. Claudia Henkel’s march through the marquee bordered on hysterical – I swear that chic thinks she is on a ramp 24/7, but with very little grace, great clouds of dust billowing around her at each step. LeeAnn Liebenberg looked quite lovely, Jeannie D must have been a bit confused about the theme – was sort of wearing a black and white wild west number. The theme itself generally just made for this spectacular show of colour and glamour –a grand  equestrian affair on a massive scale.

There were of course plenty of carrots up peoples backsides, which goes without saying…the ‘want to be’ celebrities wanting to be seen with the right crowd – but speaking of backsides – Gareth Cliff has none! It is terrible – I think there is no greater tragedy than a man without a bum. He seems to have lost plenty of weight – which maybe he shouldn’t have done. Ag shame. I loved seeing Corne and Twakkie hanging around in character. (I am afraid to admit the Most Amazing show had me in stitches  more often than not – I was practically mesmerised by the insanity!)

It was all pretty dazzling. White floors, white walls, gold fish swimming in tall vases. A GHD touch up tent outside the ladies bathrooms, with hairstylists and makeup artists. There was a rumour that there was a place where you could hand in your heels and get a free pair of havaianas sandals…the rumour was true. It was just plain frivolous and over the top. Everything your heart desired and on the house. Sushi, salmon, steak, salads, wraps. Drinks – Champagne, cocktails, whiskey, red bull, tequila. Needless to say the evening ended in a bit of blur for me…

The next day was spent at my new most favourite spot in all of Cape Town – The Grand in Granger Bay. I just love it there. It is kitschy,  colourful, chandeliers in a  warehouse, single stemmed red roses in a vase. Seats on white sand. Flaming red lips sofa on the sand. You can’t help but sink into the awesomeness of the place and quite literally just loose yourself in the environment.  Champagne, oysters, large thin crusted pizza. Greasy and delicious. Yachts just hovering at water’s edge. One can only wonder why hasn’t this been done at before? Where have you been my whole life? It has been my third visit so far and it just keeps getting better. But very pricey – R400 a head, I would guess is the average price for a meal with some drinks. But then again…I do tend to hangout with the go large or go home crowd…bless their indulgent asses!

Its Feb and word on the street is that all and sunder in the heart of the city are taking a detox month…Well I was at gym at 6.30am this morning so I may just be joining the crowds. I think I will okay conforming this once…it is for a good cause after all…


12 thoughts on “A glamorous end to January

  1. Omg you lucky thing! I am soooo jealous, your weekend sounds amazing! lol as for Claudia Henkel – very amusing imagining her walking around like that – what an asshole 🙂 god some people are so delusional. Well she had a nose job and breast implants so basically she isnt a natural beauty and shouldnt think she’s all that.

    Didnt watch the first episode of Man, I saw a picture in a magazine of the guys and they look uglyyyyyyy so I have no interest as ugly men’s opinions can’t count.

    Man I wish I could have had that weekend! grrrrr 😛

  2. I was also at the Grand Granger on Sunday – I absolutely love that place. I will be posting some pictures of it soon. I cant wait to go back again and again…. 🙂

  3. Chantal – Lol ‘some people are so delusional.’ So right you are! As for Claudia, I think she is one beauty queen that has just deteriorated here after year. It is quite sad.
    Don’t be jealous – make a plan – there are plenty opportunities to rock weekends this year!

  4. Brazen – I didn’t even realise it was you until I read Rox’s post – I felt mortified – you must think I am so rude! Well hopefully we can catch up properly next time! 🙂

  5. Not so sure about the detox, lol – Feb has seen some pretty insane parties! 😉

    Loved the post though, must have been some party!

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