It’s a whine – a vent, the absurd nature of an ever hopeful fool.

It’s a whine – a vent,  the absurd nature of an ever hopeful fool.

For as long as I can remember I wrote – a way to get the stuff out – Stuff – I am always trying to deal with stuff.

It sits in my head. Stuff, stuff and more stuff. I walk into my home and there is so much  stuff, stuff and more stuff.

Thursday twice a week – my maid comes – I write lists,  I wake up early to declutter, to get rid of the potential ‘piles’ she makes when a couple of unrelated items are in the same vicinity.

I have tried anything and everything to assist – just so I don’t have to see stuff when I get home.

I pushed all my furniture away from the walls. The reasons were twofold:

1. To mark the places that needed to be dusted and 2. To shorten the workload by doing the first bit.

I arrived home to find my dusty furniture in the same place.

The hottest days of summer and not only is there stuff everywhere – the stuff is wet.

I wrote lists, in big and bold writing with bullet points. The list has since gone missing. Last time it was there, it was enthusiastically ticked – alongside the numerous items of clothing left to dry on my railing.

She is sweet – she is my friends favourite person. I am drowning in stuff.

I can foresee a week with the ironing board in the centre of my lounge, draped in clothing – clothing that didn’t dry on the hottest day of the year- clothing that I got up to wash at 6am.

There will be a large purple tub lying in the bath – a new item I need to add to the list – PUT IT AWAY *for the love of GOD!*

I will spend the weekend shifting clothing from hanger to cupboard, taking g strings out of my bra drawer and trying to find the partner of the one lonely grey sock that has been neatly folder and placed in the centre of  my dressing room table – to highlight its plight perhaps?

Maybe my frustration will die down until the next time she comes around…I have started a new list already – I am trying not to put too much in CAPS, I am trying to calm down on the exclamation points – Heaven forbid I upset her…


6 thoughts on “It’s a whine – a vent, the absurd nature of an ever hopeful fool.

  1. Ha ha, I just imagine reading this from a foreigner’s perspective… “What does DT do for a living that she can afford a maid?!” And from the local perspective, it’s such a sensitive, special relationship between Madam & Eve, maybe we should start a maid-mediation business!

  2. I don’t know why you continue to use her then? In my world it is give you a chance, tell you directly what you’re doing wrong, show you what you are doing wrong and tell you that you have three weeks to shape up or ship out.

    Seems to usually do the trick (or at least, that’s what my wife tells me! :P)

  3. Shame chick, sorry that you are still having problems.

    I’m not really sure what I can advise, especially as I have not had any issue from my side – nor have my family and the people I ‘inherited’ her from.

    It sounds like it’s mostly a time-management and communication issue…

    Perhaps having her only every other week maybe leads to there being a lot more work each week? Having her every week keeps things much easier to deal with all round, then she can alternate tasks every week to ensure that everything you needs is done. Also, lists and too many different things (combined with language barriers) could also complicate the issue – for a typical morning I find that she manages to get the basics done with no issue, maybe change her times to a full day or change the schedule?

    Otherwise Craig is right, if she isn’t working out for you, it’s better to find someone else, otherwise it only ends up frustrating you in the long run, and would be better for both of you to find the right balance!

    Obviously I adore her, but I want both of you to be happy, so at the end of the day you need to do what works best for you – she is always in demand, so wouldn’t be an issue for her if you replaced her.

    Good luck, and hope things come right soon!


  4. I once woke up with a toad sleeping next to me. two days later, wild bats laid golden eggs in my hair. The point of this message? Drink less turpentine.

  5. ModelM – True, It is a uniquely South African relationship. I think the intimacy we share when we allow someone into our homes is always tricky. I am struggling with a mere twice a month. I am almost always convinced my maid secretly hates me for making her do work I should be capable of doing!

    Craig – I know that is a huge part of the problem I am way too soft! Don’t stand my ground or get angry enough – I just boil on the inside!

    Rox – I know Rox – as I mentioned I know you adore her. I am sure we will come to some kind of arrangement. I am writing to merely vent.

    DrSnuggles – how delightful!

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