As the chilliness creeps in

Sometimes I wonder if there is anything I haven’t written before or  is there anything I haven’t felt before. Life just a series of events going round and round, making the same mistakes. I am feeling somewhat deflated. Of course the change of seasons isn’t helping lift the spirit.

This winter I intend on spending quite a bit of cash to provide me with some materialistic satisfaction – a quick fix for short term happiness. First on this list is a couch, then a TV, then a laptop. I also intend to sell much of my old furniture or merely toss it. The best part of this plan – is that I will be able to lie in bed and watch TV. I have been struggling with sleep for a long time now and those hours lying in the dark with my thoughts racing a million miles an hour,  are something I have started to dread.

The goal is turn my home into a sexy haven for the winter. Clean, polished and sublimely comfortable. I think this winter, instead of dancing on tables, I am going to go into hibernation and reflection. Maybe coming up for air when tequila calls.

Other items on my winter shopping list include:

A Black Duvet set – I brought pink in a moment of madness and I  think the cheerfulness has upset my sleeping patterns. I seem to be unable to stray too far from gothy inclinations.

A vacuum cleaner – mainly because I stupidly brought vacuum pack bags in Josi!

Two large comfy outside chairs for my balcony.

New pot’s for my much neglected plants.

A large ornate, overly twirly oval framed mirror.

Feeling better already. Feeling broke already.


7 thoughts on “As the chilliness creeps in

  1. I can add another thing to your list… a feather duvet! Mine is coming out for its second winter, and is honestly one of the best things in the world.

    Also, coral fleece blanket – they are those soft almost suede like fleecy blankets, not course like polar fleece and just so divine. My aunt got me sister and I each one for our birthdays, hers in violet and mine in very dark mauvey colour.

    I need a heater, and I need new bedroom wall colour for winter… and trashy gold antique frames and similar. And more lamps!! (and possibly a fluffy rug for the lounge).

  2. Don’t get me started on home-must-buys, I want so many many fab things… But let’s focus on the positive and plan some of that hibernation to occur in front of my fireplace, plus awesome red wine. Yes?

  3. Haha, I never thought I’d say this, but since my mom gave me one of those snuggie/cuddle blanket things I can honestly say that they are absolute winter must haves!

    They are the height of naffness, but SO divinely comfortable.

    P.S. MM, I am inordinately jealous of your fireplace, meh! x

  4. Louisa – I know right?? I think I was drunk…

    Rox – Feather duvet sounds pretty heavenly – but in light of recent expenses I may have to wait a while…

    ModelM – I cant wait! I am actually looking forward to this winter respite!

    Rox – Naffness!!? I dont think so. 😉

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