You win, some go.

It’s a strange time in the workplace. There are many resignations and that word ‘politics’ floating around. An attempt to intellectualise a simple dislike of people. There is that uneasiness in the air and I find people looking at me for that second longer than they normally do; do I appear concerned? Strangely enough I thrive in this environment, I quite enjoy ruffled feathers – as long as they are not mine. I have been ruffled enough thanks. Strangely enough in this environment I have made two new friends. We go on long walks during lunch, talk about the ‘politics’ in a healthy vulgar, violent and amusing fashion and it really is like a breath of fresh air walking alongside these two guys and finally not feeling like an emotional wreck of a woman.  We have also discovered many gorgeous gems in the city. I will write about them soon.

On the downside I am also losing a friend here. The unlikeliest of friends who has proven to be there for me time and time again. Reading my face better than anyone else. The first person to look at me and say:  “You don’t belong here!”

The start of winter has been surprisingly good. We had an incredible party last weekend to celebrate the 27th birthday of this fabulous girl I have just met. Another jozi girl – warm, vibrant and dazzling. A night that started with a rugby game, then champagne and fillet at La Perla, followed by the dance floor and very happy carefree girls screaming the lyrics to every song…the kind of night you only care for the company you are in and your sides burn from laughter…

I have a birthday party every weekend this month and it carries on this weekend and the next – I had no idea I had so many Gemini’s in my life!

Tonight I am cooking for 9 people. It’s one of these things I feel compelled to do – another challenge I must face head on! Its red Thai curry and Poached figs in red wine – Its going to be madness and pots and pans and cloves but I am really looking forward to it!

The weekend is creeping a bit closer – I just wish I could shrug off this black dog that trails behind me.


4 thoughts on “You win, some go.

  1. And what a roaring success was your fancy-pants dinner? You’re a natural wonder of the world my dear, we should nominate you! Especially now that you have your tardiness under control (tee hee) the sky’s the limit. And I’ll throw that dog a bone – far into the deep blue sea!

  2. That damn dog! Bites at the worst times! But I am ready to run and I have the shoes!

    ModelM – I wouldn’t say it was fancy pants, I am really trying with the tardiness – but goodness it takes up some energy! See you later fellow butterfly!x

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