Seven Things

The brilliant blogger Champagne Heathen has requested I do this! It is amazing but the last seven things I did almost exactly a year ago!

Along with this request comes a Versatile Blogger Award! – I’m not entirely sure I deserve it, but I enjoy being provided with some structure once in awhile.

This time I am going to try getting a bit more personal:

1. I am very much an extremist. I love with abandonment, hate with loathing, sometimes even accompanied by vindictiveness. Fiercely loyal, and excessively indulgent.

2. I have trouble sleeping at night, it has been getting worse. My head is always too full.

3. I am impulsive and act on a whim especially when I know I shouldn’t.

4.  I have been working very hard on improving my lateness – because I am tired of being know as the girl who is always late. I hate to be defined by such shitty behaviour. This like cigarettes must be banished.

5. Last night 14 of us sat on red blankets in a lovely couple’s lounge. We ate homemade soup, drank red wine and played 30 seconds. The rain was horrendous outside –  but I again I find myself amazed to be part of something so lovely and warm and social.

6. Winter nights make me lonely. Winter days make me love my boots and coat. Winter mornings just suck, until that first cup of coffee.

7. I really need to learn to not take bullshit from people – and stop poisonous ones from chipping away at my self esteem.

I will pass this award onto the following bloggers:

Sexy Redframe





And then Kyknoord And Solidgame However given the nature of their blogs – this might not entirely suit their pages – however given the nature of the award – you just never know.


5 thoughts on “Seven Things

  1. Ta, you’re a peach :mrgreen: I like to think that “versatile” in this case extends to “being able to open a jam jar with my armpit”, rather than actual – y’know – writing.

  2. Brilliant for the brilliant! Blush. Thanks!
    Great list! I really like the sound of your ‘last night’… soup & red wine & lotsa good company!

    And I could not agree more on the last point! Weed your garden & all!

  3. Ah thanks doll, maybe this is just the catalyst to get me back in the saddle? I’m dying to write, but something’s holding me back… Weird. Soon!

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