Write, write, and write damnit! Don’t let the pace of life stop you. This who you are, this is what you want. To document, record, to try really hard to recapture those moments, those feelings that are undeniably changing you. There are forces out there trying to stop you, there is evil in the mundane. They try to drag you down, smog up your head. Slow moving, fat traffic. The same car with the annoying sign of “angel on board” stuck in front, representing so much of what you don’t want to become. Mediocre. Average. Simple.

Stuck. That’s the word. Rinse, wash repeat. A cage of routine and patterns. Terrible awful stuff!

BUT I am pretty damn pleased that mediocrity is the least of my worries at the moment. Not only has Winter graced us with a fair degree of warmth and sunshine but this ‘dark’ season has also presented its own set of adventures and challenges. We had a lovely little train ride to Kalk Bay to celebrate a birthday. It was one of those days when the perfect collection of people get together and there is this awesome synergy making anything possible. Walks on the Promenade, philosophising about life and love, ice creams in hand. A memorable and incredibly special last week of the world cup with my beautiful friend ModelM in her home. Sleeping beneath the wedding gown that inspires me to dream big.

Woman’s day weekend we spent in the country, in a sleepy little coastal town, fourteen of us, give or take a few, sitting around a wooden table playing games, drinking champagne and so much laughter; Side splitting laughter, endless streams of conversation. I loved every moment. These times and memories mean so much to me because well…it is still devastatingly fresh – the many years spent in isolation. Worlds away – but etched into my being none the less.

This beautiful Photograph taken by Misi Overturf

Wednesday night we attended the launch of Cape Town fashion week. I remember all too well how excited I was last year, attending my very first runway show. Still very much overawed by City life and the glitz and the glamour, there were only stars in my eyes. This year I am more excited because of my various friend’s involvement in the events and the roles they are playing. Me: a happy passenger.

It was a very pleasant surprise when we realised the launch party was being held in the old Riboville building, now Brio – almost unrecognisable. (The old lift and light changing bathrooms are however still intact.) My pleasure was rather short-lived when walking into the entrance I was obliged to stand and pose for a number of photographers. I am not a fan of the camera and die a thousand deaths whenever I see myself in a photograph. My fear of course, contributes very little in improving my nonexistent photogenic qualities– so it’s a rather vicious and pathetic cycle. I kept wanting to protest: “Seriously I am no one of any importance, there is really no need whatsoever to waste your time and fancy lighting equipment on little old me!” Honestly I cannot even fake self importance.

All in all it was an entertaining evening, I am not one to shrug lightly at the appeal of free champagne and a new snazzy city venue.

Tonight I am lucky enough to attend my first show at the convention center. I am going to be introduced to the designs of David West. Again I am incredibly exited and will probably not do well in cultivating a bored expression on my face as per the fashionable requirement.

In line with Fashion week. My fashionista friend launched her brand new shiny website: She will be documenting all the happenings at Cape Town Fashion week. I am thrilled for her, because I know her words and perspective will be of a unique and heartfelt sentiment. She is going to be in the centre of it all, schmingling and schmoozing and documenting – the makings of a truly great fashion journalist!

It will hopefully also inspire me to become more active with my writing, trying to work on a focus, work my way out of my head and towards creating something more meaningful than for my own pure indulgence. It wouldn’t be as DT however – it will be as me – Kim.

Baby steps…


6 thoughts on “Passenger

  1. Oh friend, how beautifully you draw together the different threads with one symbol – that of the passenger. And how many different ways we can be passengers, helplessly or hopefully, actively or happily… But before I get too philosophical, thanks for the beautiful words (in all senses) and goodness me did we suck the marrow out of that fashion week! Love it!

  2. ModelM -_ I just love how we both want to celebrate the good things in life with unwavering passion! Thank you for sharing your world with me!

    Kyknoord: an underestimated song:

    ‘Oh, the passenger
    He rides and he rides
    He looks through his window
    What does he see?
    He sees the sign and hollow sky
    He sees the stars come out tonight
    He sees the city’s ripped backsides
    He sees the winding ocean drive
    And everything was made for you and me’

    City life – bittersweet!

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