Hell hath no fury…

I kind of feel like giving a speech – taking on the masses.

There are nights and mornings I wake up with this feeling of dread. It’s pretty awful. Then the day comes and goes and inbetween there are moments were you think you are ok, that you’ll do. You can rock this life crap. Unfortunately in this world there are annoying people walking the planet, people that poke and prod, that without consent irritate your well being. So when one is in a fragile state of mind – these aggravating beasts, seem to develop powers of an ungodly kind.

A hippy sort of character – in the guise of a psychologist once said that if you feel anxious about people – envision being surrounded by a pink light …huh? I can hardly think of the colour pink, when flames from the depths of hell of ignite my face. Okay – so find a happy place…no that will simply not do – because right now my happy place is nicely ensconced in thoughts of violence and mayhem.

There are all kinds of reasons one can find to forgive the behaviour of others – there are all kinds of reasons one can take sole responsibility for the way you are treated. But for me it’s simple. It is how I was raised, to hold sacred certain values; respect, class, consideration, integrity. Simple. Yesterday I was told I need to accept that not everyone is like me. Other than being a precious, pearl of valuable and original advice; I graciously decline. I am done with acceptance, accepting all the shit thrown in my direction. I am done compromising, it only encourages the stupid people to revel even more in their stupidity.

I feel overwhelmingly better. I am after all assisting in making this world a better place. “Bring stupidity and mediocrity to an end – stop compromising!”

And exhale.


5 thoughts on “Hell hath no fury…

  1. Ooh ooh ooh, blog’s looking good. Also, you need a week of sun sea ocean sand tan read sleep lie eat drink cocktail coconut… All will be right as rain again. x

  2. Kyknoord – Yes – I get that. This new craze of twinkling vampires can only have a disastrous effect on social behavior. Its just too ludicrous.

    Thanks ModelM – we have our lovely friend to thank for that! Oh the Island, the beaches, the sun – I am besides myself with excitement!

    Thanks Brazen – I did, sadly it is but a distant memory!

    Po – I know – sneaky bastards! 🙂

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