Optic Update

Well its been about 10 months and I have finally been given the confirmation that my eyesight is not coming back – apparently nerves don’t regrow or something – I don’t know, Im always a bit lackadaisical about looking into the details! So now its really about getting to terms with it all and acknowledging that I really need to look after my one good eye! Good grief. I could question the shit out of all this – why me and all that – but I suppose there is no point really, except maybe it would lead to some kind of spiritual enlightenment…?All I keep experiencing is the certainty of an existential life. The ‘what the fuck’ randomness of it all. Like really – is anything that we do actually matter in the great scheme of things? You can be as virtuous as possible and yet – sheer dumb luck seems to rise above all else. 

In other happier news – traveling this year has been pretty mind-blowing – I fell in love with Seattle. Its sleekness, sexyness and sophistication. Ireland was quaint and Thailand was an enriching experience. 

But here I am  – blogging, in my city apartment – still questioning the meaning of it all – and as frustrated as all hell – because I can’t seem to get it right!


blah blah blah fishpaste.


2 thoughts on “Optic Update

  1. Ag no, that sucks Kim…sorry to hear that. Have you got any sight at all in the eye now? Can they tell if it will get worse if it’s not going to get better then?

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