Transcending the Mundane

He placed 5 spoons of Ricoffy into his cup, the girl shuffled behind him and said; “Is that your lubrication to help with the day?”

She smiled sweetly and I have no doubt she had no idea of the possible innuendo using the word lubrication.

Benny the security guard is having lunch, he always sits at the same seat and smiles very happily at me. as though he is greeting an old friend whom he hasn’t seen for a while. He reminds me how good it feels to force yourself to smile – even when it feels like your face may crack from the effort.

Galvin looks hard, intimidating – his eyes are sharp and piercing – but he is incredibly sensitive and needy.  He talks loudly to my colleague trying to draw my attention and subtly flexes his muscles. With my eyes lowered I stand up and walk to the boardroom, feeling his eyes on me. I want to make a call that no one can hear. I’m hardly back for 5 minutes before he too follows suit – a backwards glace at me as if to say – I too have secrets! He returns to talk to my colleague, and continues his flexing. I really just want him to shut up!

I’m trying to find some Zen in this space. Rumi – a collection of poems winks at me with its seductive cover and hints of universe secrets between the covers.

An orange poppy is trying not to wilt against the unnatural glare of my three over sized screens and I am sipping some green earthly – blessed by Buddhists – herbal tea!

I have three screens…and I’m trying to find Zen…

There is an argument now about bins been stolen and flexi pants has started mumbling hip hop tracks.

A Swiss engineer walked the boardroom to look at our white board – I felt myself cringe at messy handwritten notes stuck at all the incorrect angles. To my surprise he nods his head and smiles – “What I love the most about this is how low tech it is! ”

I once wrote to a lovely man that we must never lose our childlike enthusiasm. Strange that I was reinforcing the very thing he brought out in me, that through our musings and conversations I felt a sense of the romantic girlishness I thought had long ago disappeared.

I wish it didn’t take another person to bring that out in me – someone to mirror my thoughts – thereby validating the life I want to believe in! Seeing the magic in myself! Then again its happened before –  it would be silly of me to think it won’t happen again!

These precious souls coming into your life to show you bliss – then leaving you once more to reveal the cold truths and somewhere in between the joy and sadness you start to understand the meaning of it all – the juxtaposition of ideas and feelings. The Seesaw of life.

So here I am seeking a little bit of softness and bliss with the aid of an orange poppy in this rather contrived environment with these bizarre characters– but need to not forget that behind each inane mumble there is a heart that dreams.


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