Early Morning City Lights

Its 6.20 on a Wednesday morning in downtown Seattle. My apartment still feels like a hotel room – a place suspended  in temporary abode. I know it will change once my furniture arrives from SA – all my bits and pieces I have saved and looked after from my happy childhood home in Boskruin Johannesburg, to my own little house in Sundowner with the rambling rose bushes and lemon trees, to the home shared with another –  full of hopes and dreams  in the city of Cape Town, to the cottage in the winelands where my dreams died a sad, slow little death – to my city apartment in Soho with big city lights and an abundance of life – to the place I was the most happiest – my sea facing,  light dancing sea gull singing,  promenade beauty embracing,  Winchester mansion scone and champagne indulging flat in Sea Point. Yes all said in one breath.

Here I am,  now in Seattle – a new life – some more big city lights and abundance of life  – but that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. It’s been two months of sparkling surrealness – from the first pay cheque to sitting with a boy on a rooftop terrace drinking wine… flowers…so many flowers. Seattle’s beauty is so much in the way they bring nature into this modern ever growing ever changing city. I had a buddhist uber driver one day taking me to work – he said he finds a calmness in Seattle he hasn’t found elsewhere – it’s almost bizarre in making such a statement looking around at all these skyscrapers  – oddly I get it. Its smart design – It’s smart living – as I reach over to my phone to select a radio station I think I like for my echo to play , KEXP -described as  ‘Eclectic’ I like that – I haven’t see the word eclectic for quite some time.  Smashing Pumpkins;  Mayonaise-this makes my heart very happy!  I also ask her about the weather today; ‘Very sunny’  I haven’t yet adapted to Fahrenheit…one day.

So the prognosis looks good – sunny day, good music, I’m up at the break of dawn – WTF!

But for the first time in two months – I feel tired – I think the steady influx of awe and newness and stimulation and happiness and excitement is taking a bit of a toll  – maybe another hour of snoozing will do some good!